Monday, July 25, 2011

Tips for Innovative Thinkers; Wavelengths of Luminosity Penetrating into the Future

We are living in such a time that, ideas are becoming closer to the physical each and every second. What we think leaves a profound impact in the aura of our surroundings, associations, and predicaments. The "pseudo-science" termed quantum physics is quickly becoming accepted by the so called "authorities" who directly imply their beliefs on the world via their biased findings. We could even go to the extent, pushing the envelope, stating that our thoughts are the mantras for predicting the future, as well as for sculpting our world with the "grey matter" that is said to be a useless mass of jelly. Why is it that scientists state that we only can access a measly 5-10% (at most) of our brain potential? What is hidden behind these dormant doors and what is the key to access them?

We all know that thoughts are real and if we don't control our thoughts, that they will control us. What is interesting, is that the brain cannot distinguish between the state of wakefulness and the state of dreaming. This is stated and documented in the scientific literature. What this says, is that the thoughts/ideas/feelings we put into our conscious and subconscious mind may influence the future and have an effect not only on us, but on others as well. This is basic and precursory information into the realm of conscious and unconscious and of that of leading spiritual technology within us that will bring great strides into the future.

What is interesting, is that most people will read this and disregard it as fast as it passed by their eyes. This is because most people have an unfortunate automatic roller coaster ride every day of their life. That is, their life is riding them, not the other way around. What can be the cause of this? Could it be an unceasing unrestrained mind? What would happen if the mind were to go at a standstill zero point for a whole minute? Would life shut down or would it be on the brink of a new beginning? These questions are worth investigating and will be examined in this article.

Today, we are living in such an age of potential, that thoughts and matter are ceasing to become two separate entities. We are passing through such a stage, that humanity will have no option but to discontinue its haphazardous behavior. Why? Because there is an age and stage for everything and once its time is up, the program ends. Everything is based on learning and experience. The two go hand in hand. Right now, our world is on a preparation phase towards higher mental facility that would seem nearly impossible before hand (or at least fictional).

Many new age thinkers state that belief is the driving force behind all that is. If this were indeed true, then beliefs would override each other and we would be left with nothing but a conflict of interest. What really remains is the thought, precursor to action, behind every living thing that is organized in such a way, that only the synchronization of the universe can prepare us for such events. Once we realize that we are tapped into a higher functioning, a Universal mind so to say, we will begin to resolute to the bigger picture. The mind is the centerpiece for all action to take place, so we can say, it is a Divine computer, a mandala to say the least. Everyone is connected to this "system" so to speak, but only those who see it get to realize its function and purpose.

I almost tend to think that people have no idea what is really going on, let alone where they are in the big scheme of things. After the basic necessities of  life are established, people rot. They think that they have overcome all that there is to overcome (ex: a good job, a family, kids, degrees, money, etc. all things that give us a false sense of self). This is called low chakra living. Here, we will examine some higher states of living & experience of this immense possibility that the Universe grants us.

The first step towards overcoming the monotonous statically depressant sewer that most people consider living is to get on board the sciences of spiritual technological living that fits your savvy. What in God's name does this mean? The basic means of it is to take back your ship, so to speak & to sit in the front row. I love it when people criticize anything with a spiritual significance, since it represents the massive ignorance that we have been taught to tolerate; this will begin to have a complete turn-around in future years and the table will actually land on the recipients. Lets get on board the mother ship and explore all of life's vast possibilities...


Here is where the rubber meets the road. Today, we have more options than ever previously conceivable. There are no excuses for abandoning your goals & dreams in this lifetime. Once your hard drive gets an upgrade, you will see the results and they will speak themselves. Here are some of the ways to upgrade one's reality.

In my experience, yoga is the most assured way of centering all psychic centers of the body, grounding them in a circuitry of the Universal mind. This may prove untrue for others, so we will examine a whole list of things that can get people centered & focused in a positive direction in their life. Transcendental Meditation has helped many to do this, so it is an extremely viable option here. Tai chi works for many as well, so we will include it in this list. What else works to get the mind centered? Meditation can be a very powerful aid, yet for some it is a sluggish movement. Mantras are a favorite of mine, as they allow us to release unnecessary baggage & dive into Universal consciousness. Kirtans are very powerful as well. Reiki can be an aid to those who are in need of some healing. The list is practically endless and can be explored by anyone. Herbs can assist us in getting in the right mental & physical state of health & balance. Dancing can even help ground people out and remain center-minded.

Keeping daily practices intact, are the most important facet of transcending your previous self every day and eventually, every minute and second. I personally resonate very much with the esoteric yoga practices, pranayama, and other types of physical/psycho-spiritual practices that allow us to evolve every single day. I also believe very much in the maintenance and upkeep of the physical body to support all the energy requirements for the body (not in caloric terms). If we eat packaged, denatured, dead food, we will take on that very same vibration. All in all, do what gives the most results. May your life be blessed with vast synchronization, love, beauty, and most of all, peace.

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