Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Eliminate the Hangover Phenomenon, For Good

Deciding to write this article for those who like to enjoy a good night, without feeling the action-reaction effect the next 24 hours (or more). There are lots of people who can benefit from this information. Since most people are misinformed, a simple lesson in neuro-chemistry can prevent most of the side-effects associated with alcohol consumption. While this is not a quick fix, neither a recommendation to indulge in alcohol, there are those who are fixed in their ways and will benefit from these simple tips.


I've encountered plenty of myths to subside the hangover, from Subway to noni juice. So lets get to the ROOT of this issue:

  • Apparently, sulfites found in cheap table wine (especially carton wines) are the main cause of a hangover. Unfortunately, just about every commercial brand, except for some special companies, include sulfites in their wines. This is to ensure that you damage plenty of neurons & feel like s#!^ the next day. Most commercial companies don't want to sell you a good product, rather, they'd like people to get hooked on their stuff to increase their profits. This is commercial business and this is how it works. So, the first step in avoiding a hangover, is to look for sulfite free wine. Frey's Organic is the best company that comes into mind. They're based in Mendocino County, CA  and offer top notch products that are unpasteurized (raw) for additional health benefits. While I'm not an avid drinker, I do enjoy small amounts of red wine for culinary purposes once in a blue moon to fulfill my European genes. When looking for a wine, always be sure to look for a wine that says "no detectible sulfites" and you will be amazed at the difference.
  • Take milk thistle. This allows the liver to digest the alcohol molecule at a rather rapid rate, decreasing the harmful effects on the brain. Milk thistle extract can protect the liver from carbon tetrachloride, if administered timely, so it can definitely help with an alcohol-impaired liver. This will allow your inner organs to keep up their game & allow the alcohol to be burnt off at a quicker rate than it normally would. It also allows the liver to produce glutathione, the body's main antioxidant.
  • Wheatgrass and chlorophyll. Wheatgrass is a natural detoxifier and body cleanser. The chlorophyll molecule within it helps bind to toxins to assist them safely out of the body. Having a wheatgrass tonic can greatly assist the day after by supporting the body with nutrients & help the body repair itself.
  • Matcha green tea. The worst effect from alcohol occurs in the brain. Green tea is a neuro-protective aka "nootropic". This means that it protects our delicate brain cells from chemicals and toxins. It also helps reduce amyloid plaque buildup in the brain which is associated with Alzheimer's. By slamming some green tea (Matcha especially) the day before or after, your body will greatly benefit and you will feel better as a result.
  • Exercise. People in better shape get less severe hangovers. This has been my experience as well as others. Those whom I know that are in exceptional shape get miniscule hangovers, if any. By keeping your body fit & healthy, your body will be better equipped to eliminate the toxic byproducts of alcohol. For this purpose, anaerobic exercise is preferable. Aerobic exercise may be beneficial the day after to help the blood circulate, invigorate the body, & shake off the hangover.
  • Eat a whole foods diet. I guarantee you that this will be your best bet in preventing a hangover. When the body's cells are equipped with vital nutrients, it can purge toxins faster as well as repair itself at an accelerated rate. By eating organic whole foods, we will be building a solid fortress that can resist the burdens of a civilized world. It is our best bet in keeping our lives free from society's illnesses as well as guaranteeing a healthier offspring each and every generation. 
  • Take lecithin/choline. This will protect your brain every time it encounters ethanol. Read the dosage on the bottle and be sure to take it consistently for the benefits to take place.
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