Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Elixir of Immortality

So, you want to become immortal eh? This is a path that has been practiced by Taoist masters, sages, yogis, hermits, & aspiring spiritual students. There is a reason however, for the search for immortality, after all who wants to live forever without a purpose? That's hell isn't it? Enduring continuous cycles of birth & death without finding one's Self or purpose in life is torture. Unfortunately, this is the fate of millions of lost souls on this planet who seek pleasure in the material world & Babylonian treasures that only distract them from their incarnation in this realm. This is a planet of enter & exit. So the whole idea of immortality is based on the goal of enlightenment, attaining certain siddhis, transcending birth & death, & ascending into higher realms aka "getting beamed up" so a long life span is necessary for these attainments. Yet some elite rulers of this world seek to make their life span indefinite through scientific means disconnected from the spiritual reality and believe they can live forever controlling the sheeple by receiving injections of IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor) which is a far stray from the righteous path and while they may end up extending their life span they end up with numerous side effects from these synthetic drugs like Ted Kennedy's brain cancer or look like reptilian lizoid shapeshifter George Bush Sr. or even severely constipated like Rockefeller. Henry Kissinger is another good example of this along with the Leviathan pope...


  • *Decoction of wild reishi, chaga mushroom, turkey tail (coriolus), & organic ho shou wu made with local spring water. This will be the base for the elixir. Sometimes I like to use just chaga mushroom (ground up in a coffee grinder to expose the surface area), eluethero root, and eucommia bark to avoid the bitterness of the wild reishi & thickness of the ho shou wu. If you cannot find wild reishi in your area you can get organic cultivated reishi or even grow your own which is highly encouraged to spread the spores! This can be done by getting an old fallen hemlock log which American reishis grow on & buying some reishi spores online - search for Paul Stamets, he sells a wide variety of mushroom spores & growing kits on his website & sells wild chaga mushroom extract which is of very high quality. Gynostemma is in the immortality herbs as well, make a tea with it and it can be used as a base; goes well with other herbs too.
  • 1 handful or organic nuts/seeds; for this batch, I used cashews which go really well with the next ingredient, CACAO!*Raw organic cacao - as much as you want! :)
  • Mucuna pruriens - read my post on this amazing herb
  • Blue green algae - contains Phenylethylamine (PEA) the same chemical in cacao that your brain produces when you fall in love & on another interesting note, blue green algae never ages, so many people believe that it has the same anti-aging effect on the body!
  • Merlin's Herbal Magic Roots Elixir - this is one of my FAVORITE herbal elixirs to go! You can make a tea with it, add it to smoothies/elixirs, or even add it to certain food recipes! Merlin is a personal archetype of mine, so as you can see, this product really vibez with my being. Just read the ingredients of 33 herbs working in a synchronistic fashion and you can see that this stuff is no joke, truly a part if the immortality program! You can get it at:
  • Camu camu berry powder - #1 source of bio available vitamin C as well as amino acids essential to our emotional well being.
  • Cordyceps - another mushroom that grants serious longevity to the consumer. Like eucommia bark, cordyceps is a yin and yang jing tonic, which is great for vegetarians who are not getting enough yang jing; it's important to note too that too much yang jing can be unbalancing and turn you into a horny freak, so the yin/yang balance is important. Ho shou wu is a perfect example of a yin tonic, while herbs like horny goat weed, damiana, red Korean ginseng, maca, & cacao are primarily yang and stimulate your jing production. I like to down some cordyceps before the elixir, since it can add a pretty funky taste!
  • Deer antler velvet tincture, nettle leaf/seed/root tincture, pine pollen tincture, wild chaga/reishi/turkey tail tincture (separate from decoction) & WildAlchemist's Immortality Tincture
  • Royal jelly w/ raw honey
  • Coconut oil

Effects: Well, I feel like the most juiced; like Krishna's Universal Form. I feel like a heart with arms & legs and plan on training all night: tai chi, qi gong, Pranayama, combat conditioning, full moon meditation.

Peace be unto you always,


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  1. Bless you for turning me on to Food Matters! I've been saying to those around me that the only true health care reform is education and nutrition. I'm trilled to see this video and have their website to back me up!! I love your page and return to it often. Keep up the good work!! Om shanti, shanti, shanti!!


  2. The truth is that many people need to control what they eat. For those who are already on the path of Ascension, then they need more.
    You should be able to transmute the essence of any natural food. Commune with your sustenance.

  3. Tell me friend, have you looked into the knowledge of the Kybalion? I have an understanding that by utilizing the Principles of Vibration and Gender the path to immortality may be walked in this way as well. The recipe is understandable from the perspective of the Kybalion philosophy. Each of the ingredients undoubtedly holds a specific vibrational rate which, ingested in the right amounts, would stimulate a higher vibrational rate in the body allowing it to regenerate at a pace quick enough to add years to one's living experience.