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How to Open up the Heart Chakra

The heart is considered a yin organ in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It correlates with the color green in yogic understanding. The heart has more neurons than the brain. This tells us a lot about this organ, since the allopathic belief is that it only pumps blood throughout the body. This is of course, completely false. The heart does a lot more than pump blood! It is the center point for our emotions and feelings! ;)


Chocolate/Elixir Recipe


*Cacao - is our main ingredient here. Cacao works on the heart not only medicinally, but also spiritually (think of the heart/Valentine's Day & chocolate connection!) It dilates the blood vessels in our body & allows other medicines to be transported to the heart faster & easier. It supplies magnesium to our heart; one of the main mineral deficiencies that Americans suffer from is magnesium. Magnesium is said to be the #1 most important mineral for the heart along with potassium. Lack of magnesium is associated with numerous dis-eases some of them being constipation, high blood pressure, & cancer - ailments that will make us far from happy. Cacao is also a yang jing, chi, & shen tonic. (All shen tonics are heart tonics as well or vise verse. They calm the nervous system and strengthen our aura. A weak heart & nervous system result in a disturbed aura.)


*Blue green algae - contains Phenylethylamine (PEA) the same chemical in cacao that your brain produces when you fall in love.

*Cayenne pepper - dilates the blood vessels like cacao (good synergy together) and is very medicinal for the heart. People in Mexico who eat cayenne peppers like doughnuts never get heart dis-ease. They thin the blood and increase circulation.

*Cannabis oil - if you live in an area where cannabis is legal, one of the best ways to use this plant is by making an oil extract and using it in food. Cannabis is green and one of the best shamanistic plants to open the heart chakra. Some people are able to achieve permanent heart chakra activation by simply smoking a nice California spliff! To make cannabis oil, simply grind up the buds and simmer them for at least half an hour in cacao butter and/or coconut oil and then strain. Saturated fats work best for this purpose. In Naked Chocolate, David Wolfe also has a recipe for soaking cannabis buds in hempseed oil for a month. Tinctures are great as well. An interesting concoction can be made the same way as oil, but with DMSO (no need to heat it up) and rubbing it on the heart in a circular motion. If you haven't seen it yet, check out Rick Simpson's "Run from the Cure" series on youtube where he interviews all types of people who were healed - everything from back pain & depression to more terminal dis-eases like cancer & AIDs all healed with his high THC content cannabis oil. You can visit his website at:

*Mapacho - organic rolled tobacco from Argentina. Tobacco is also green when alive & really assists with other medicines allowing them to get through the bloodstream 5x as fast by dilating the blood vessels from the nicotine alkaloid, a close relative to niacin, also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid. Tobacco has a very strong effect on the heart chakra. Tobacco is a very misunderstood plant. What was once held as a sacred plant to the Native Americans & other tribes is now considered a deadly killer. This is simply not true; adding 4,000 chemicals to GMO irradiated tobacco is what makes it carcinogenic. Combine that with poor diets & lifestyle, you get dis-eases like high blood pressure & cancer. South American shamans have always known that tobacco is an anti-cancer herb. You can read more about tobacco in David Wolfe's article, "Is Smoking Tobacco Bad For Your Health?"

*Maca, goji berries, and other superfoods - optional.

*Mucuna pruriens - If you have not heard of this herb, check out my post on it.

*Raw organic/wild/local honey

*Vanilla bean powder/extract

*Himalayan sea salt

*Other herbs that can be added, combined, or made into a tea base with good synchronicity include: Quararibea funebris, Indian tulsi aka holy basil, reishi mushroom decoction, nettle leaf, pau d' arco, cat's claw, catuaba, lotus flowers, kratom, salvia divinorum, etc.

*Drink some yerba mate and/or kombucha afterwards, to potentate the other herbs.

Blend all ingredients in blender with spring water, nutmylk, and/or herbal tea all made in one (use spring water to make your tea and then use that tea to make nutmylk) and drink! This recipe can also be made into raw chocolate (without the tea/nutmylk/spring water). The proportion of ingredients is up to you. Feel it out. I never list amounts of anything on my recipes as I feel it is best to use our intuition each time we make something and thus make a different creation each time!

You can chant mantras like OMMMMMMMMMM or healing sounds like HUUUUUUU aloud to help heal the heart center. You can chant the mantra HUM DUM HAR HAR which will open up the heart chakra while putting your focus meditating on your heart. Tibetan singing bowls and kirtans are of great assistance to exit the mind and enter the heart.

The goal is, after this activation, to literally feel an expansion in the heart region and feel an interconnectedness to all Beings. As a friend of mine put it, "Love Beyond Love from the Heart of the Divine." Then this Love and Light will effortlessly flow through you and out into the Infinite ends of the Uni-verse and in all that you do. You may also feel a green rod of light expand from the heart chakra if it is fully activated. Everyone's experience with this is a bit different.


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