Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Chi Machine Offers Amazing Benefits

(NaturalNews) Eastern medicine is based on the idea that all illness is a result of blockages in the body`s Chi. Science is now beginning to open to the idea that Chi (pronounced "chee" whether spelled chi, qi, or ki) is a form of electricity that runs through every cell. When the Chi is not circulating properly, disease can occur. Dr. Shizuo Inuoue from Japan was interested in the incredible health of Japanese Goldfish in the 1950s. For 38 years he researched whether this same action could improve oxygen flow and Chi in humans. He concluded that it indeed could, and offered great benefits to humans. The Chi machine was created based on his work.

Increased Oxygen Flow

The CHI Machine greatly improves the flow of oxygen into the lungs and therefore to the blood and into the cells. Every single movement, organ, brain and bodily function requires healthy cells, which need nutrients from food and oxygen. When the cells don`t get the necessary oxygen, the heart suffers, all of the organs begin to fail, and stiff necks, respiratory problems, dizziness, and any other health issue are more likely to be experienced. Lack of oxygen is perhaps the leading cause of all disease.

A Surge in Life Force

As well as supplying the cells with oxygen, the chi machine tones and strengthens the body, which increases vitality and wellbeing. The chi, also called life force, of the body blossoms, so people feel more alive in their daily life. Those who use the chi machine regularly have more energy and enthusiasm.

Improved Alignment of the Spine

The fish-like movement opens up the spine, decompresses vertebra and puts the spine in greater alignment. When using the Chi Machine, the person is lying in a comfortable, relaxing position, with no weight or extra stress. The body can melt into the floor , allowing the chi machine to workout kinks and heal spinal imbalances. Not only does this affect back health, it also enhances the wellbeing of the body, since the spinal cord connects to all nerves and plays an essential role in overall health.

Boosts the Immune System

The CHI Machine stimulates blood production which boosts the immune system, allowing the body greater defense against disease. The body is also more able to use nutrients from food to fight off infection.

Improved Emotional Balance

The CHI machine balances nervous system so the body is more resistant to stress. When the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems are not in harmony, anxiety, depression, insomnia, palpitations and emotional stress can become a problem. Massage and yoga are well known for their powerful effect on the nervous system, and the CHI machine offers a way to enjoy massage and yoga daily, for anyone.

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