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Una de gato, the Peruvian herb for cancer

(NaturalNews) If you're looking to prevent cancer, you need to know about una de gato. More news stories on una de gato are appearing around the world as word spreads about its natural healing potential. You'll learn a wealth of information about it in this article.

Here, we present a collection of powerful quotes about una de gato and cancer, documented in some of the best health books ever written. Read and remember these quotes, and feel free to share what you learn here with others who may also need this information.

It also helps to increase T-lymphocyte and macrophage production, tonify the blood, and can be used as a broad spectrum infection fighter. Una de Gato also helps repair the lipid matrix in the cell walls and is particularity good for stopping the expansion of virus-laden cells. At the University of Milan, Renato Rizzi led an experiment with Una de Gato as it relates to cancer causing (mutagenic) substances in smokers. It is well known that the urine of smokers contains mutagenic substances. When given Una de Gato for two weeks, the smokers' urine returned to normal.
- Powerful and Unusual Herbs From the Amazon and China by World Preservation Society

Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa), commonly known as "una de gato" in Spanish, is a South American rainforest herb known among the natives for its curative properties. Referred to as the "Sacred Herb of the Rainforest," this vine's small thorns located at the base of its leaves resemble a cat's claw. Sold over the counter as a cancer treatment in South America, cat's claw's use as a cancer aid shows promising results in studies conducted throughout the world.
- Herbs Against Cancer: History and Controversy by Ralph W. Moss PhD

CAE extract, or Una de Gato, has been an important medicine among Peruvian natives for hundreds of years. Una de Gato is considered sacred among the Campa Indians of Peru. They use it to treat many conditions including inflammation, infections, and cancer. It is also used to ease birthing and improve immune response in both the new mother and her child. Ron Pero, Ph.D., one of this book's authors, carefully duplicated the CAE tea extraction methods used by the Peruvian shamans in preparing their medicine.
- The Anti-Aging Solution: 5 Simple Steps to Looking and Feeling Young by Vincent Giampapa, Ronald Pero, and Marcia Zimmerman

Also called: Una de gato. Source: South American rain forests,- commercial supplies are wild-harvested in Peru and Brazil. Parts used: Root, stem. Forms available: Capsules, extracts, tablets, tinctures. Products standardized for total alkaloid content are available. Uses: South American folk medicine uses cat's claw for intestinal disorders, dysentery, arthritis, wounds, and cancer. Modern research indicates significant immune-stimulating activity and antiviral, cancer-fighting, and antioxidant effects.
- The Herbal Drugstore by Linda B. White, M.D.

Also called una de gato, cat's claw is a woody vine that grows in the tops of trees in Peruvian rain forests. It is a favorite for stimulating the immune system. Many of the single chemicals found in this powerful herb have been patented for use in treating AIDS, cancer, arthritis, and other diseases. However, using the whole plant can be more potent than any one isolated ingredient. Medicinal uses - • There are six alkaloids prevalent in cat's claw bark. These are what give this herb its incredible healing power.

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