Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An introduction to Divinity Now: Consciousness and the Creator, cosmology, divine liberty and more

Welcome to Divinity Now, an exploration of conscious cosmology. "Conscious" means we each have a soul, a sense of self awareness, and free will to decide our actions. "Cosmology" is the study of the physical universe and its origins. Conscious cosmology stands in contrast to conventional ("scientific") cosmology, which believes in what I call "zombie cosmology" -- a dead universe where there is no consciousness, no souls, no minds, no free will and no Creator. Zombie cosmology is the dominant belief system among conventional scientists today. They do not believe in God or a Creator, they do not believe in consciousness, and they don't even think human beings are "alive" with a spirit and free will. This view is closely held by physicists such as Stephen Hawking who declare that religion is a "fairytale for people who are afraid of the dark." He also says that human beings have no free will and are merely "biological robots" who therefore have no responsibility for their own actions. What Hawking sees as a God-less zombie universe, I see as a universe filled with vast intelligence, divinity, consciousness and connectedness. The purpose of is to explore these concepts and help counter the dark, evil, "zombie universe" disinformation put out by those who seek to destroy knowledge of who and what we really are. Watch my documentary "The God Within" for an overview of the differences between "zombie cosmology" and conscious cosmology: Not a religion; simply an exploration Divinity Now is not affiliated with any particular religion, organization or movement. It is an open exploration -- without any demanded doctrine -- that invites readers to explore the nature of consciousness, ethics, the nature of reality and more. Its fundamental tenants are rooted in the values reflected by most widely-taught world religions, nearly all of which describe the existence of a Creator and the human beings possessing free will and a conscious mind. We expand on those concepts with explorations of recent advancements in consciousness, free will, divine rights and the (intelligent) origins of the universe. For advanced explorers, not the simple-minded Divinity Now is not for everyone. People who are afraid of exploring knowledge or who hold fragile, rickety beliefs may find themselves becoming afraid when encountering new information. Only those who are open-minded enough to evaluate advanced ideas will enjoy exploring this site. Fortunately, nothing here is force-fed to anyone. You do not have to agree with everything here in order to benefit from exploring it. These ideas are presented as seeds of thought to help us explore the larger questions of our existence. There is no "right" or "wrong" answer in most of these questions, and opinions from scientists and theologians vary widely. (And that's okay.) If you believe in consciousness, free will, divine rights and the existence of a Creator, you will likely enjoy exploring this website. Divinity Now believes in total freedom to explore ideas -- the "freedom to think" is fundamental to the core beliefs offered by the site. While many world governments, and even some religions, wish to restrict thinking and keep people ignorant and dumbed-down, Divinity Now encourages people to wake up and explore reality from a point of view of complete intellectual liberty that values consciousness, life and even divine rights such as the right to express your ideas (free speech). Some of the topics you'll see explored on Divinity Now include: • The failing of science to understand the meaning behind the math • Why ethics matter: Morality in a conscious universe • Origins of the universe: Why there must be a Creator • Divine rights: Why the Creator also believes in freedom and liberty • The holographic universe: How the whole is reflected in the parts • Life after death: The reckoning and why your behavior matters • Origins: Is our universe a grand experiment or simulation? • Divine nutrition: Why eating false food manufactured by Man violates the Divine • Karma cause and effect: How you reap what you sow • Connecting with the Divine: How to achieve it in your own life Divinity Now explores concepts in: • Philosophy and ethics • Religion and spirituality • Physics and cosmology • Parallel worlds and the multiverse • Consciousness, free will and the mind • Power of intention • Karma and spiritual reckoning • Origins of life • Sociology and psychology • Why EVIL exists, and why evil forces attempt to isolate conscious beings from knowledge and power - this offers a spiritual, top-down view of what's really going on with global controllers, suppression of human knowledge, the effort to prevent mass awakening and much more Watch the documentary "The God Within" Some of these ideas are explored in the new documentary written and produced by Mike Adams, called "The God Within." Watch the full documentary (roughly 45 minutes) at: And visit Divinity Now at: Source -

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