Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Raw, vegan diets shrink breast cancer tumors

About one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. For men, it's about one in a thousand. Death rates have been going down since 1990 by about 2% each year; a woman's chance of dying is only about one in thirty-five. While the statistics are encouraging, it is still a life-changing illness, leaving us physically ill and emotionally vulnerable. Traditional treatments for breast cancer include chemotherapy, radiation, and invasive surgeries such as mastectomies. These harsh treatments can often lead to other diseases or even a recurrence of breast cancer since they address the symptoms of the disease, rather than the cause. However, through diet and lifestyle changes, which address the cause of the cancer, breast cancer patients can prevent and reverse this heart-wrenching disease without resorting to conventional treatments. Healing breast cancer naturally When Annie Pierce discovered a lump in her breast, she researched everything she could find on alternative ways of healing breast cancer, knowing she could depend on her body's innate wisdom to heal itself. Cancer cannot survive in an oxygen-rich, alkaline environment so Annie strived to create these conditions in her body through a combination of juicing, nutrition, and herbs. To battle the toxic build-up that contributed to her cancer, as well as alkalize and oxygenate her body, Annie decided to eat a completely raw, vegan diet. Her daily diet consisted of raw fruits and vegetables, almonds, raisins, water and fresh-squeezed juice. By avoiding toxins in processed foods and carcinogens created by cooking foods, she encouraged the acid/alkaline balance in her body to become more stable. Using herbs to cleanse her blood and nutritionally dense raw food to alkalize it, she was able to shrink the tumor in a short amount of time without drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. "By the sixth day, I could literally feel the lump getting smaller, and by the fourteenth day, it had completely disappeared," Annie explained. "Now, with the new information that I have just recently discovered about cancer being caused by a vitamin B17 deficiency, I fully understand that it was the raw almonds . . . which played a major part in my cancer cure." A combination of a raw diet and herbal remedies can shrink tumors and help reverse breast cancer. In the United States today, two and a half million women live as breast cancer survivors. A raw diet and natural remedies can improve the quality of life for breast cancer survivors, and help bring down the number of people who are diagnosed every year. Having survived and found a cure for her breast cancer, Annie has become a stronger advocate of herbal medicine use and eating a raw vegan diet. "Had I not been educated about cancer and its causes at the time that I discovered that lump in my breast, I may have made the grave mistake of being overcome with fear and running to a medical doctor in a panic to get mutilated in surgery, or 'radiated' to death, and/or poisoned to death with chemotherapy treatments." From Annie's story, others may learn to adopt an alternative approach to healing. "Taking full control and responsibility of our own individual health is one of the most revolutionary non-violent actions we, as American People, can make. Especially in a time when the government officials are trying to pigeon-hole us into a Health Care System that railroads us straight into the grasps of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries whose monetary greed causes them to embrace death and disease, rather than life and good health," says Annie. Sources for this article include:

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  1. I beat stage IV breast cancer with a mostly raw vegan diet too. It had spread to my lymph system, gallbladder, liver, three vertebra, pelvis, and both femurs. Now there is no evidence of disease on my CT scans and my tumor markers are essentially normal. Kale, not chemo, I say!