Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Cannabis Agenda

Cannabis, also termed, "marijuana" (which is actually a name of a wild Mexican tobacco) is most likely the most misunderstood plant on the planet. In the category of shamanic herbs, I find that a lot of people reject it's importance even if they consume other plant shamanic such as peyote or ayahuasca (this is not common, but I have encountered herbalists who absolutely hate the cannabis plant) while other herbalists recognize it's medicinal and spiritual applications and as a Divine incarnation of Shakti's grace. Why all the widespread disinformation? I believe that it has a lot to do with genetics. The genetics of a plant can actually determine its life force.

 In Hindu mythology, cannabis is often revered as a sacrament, being used in the same way Catholics drink wine. While wine doesn't really offer us any spiritual benefit, cannabis does. In the Vedic teachings, alcohol actually brings one to a sort of hellish realm and can introduce entities to that person associated with the particular addictive behavior. Thus, the term "spirits" are used to connote alcohol or their by products. Cannabis has exactly the opposite effect as alcohol and can actually increase our consciousness if used appropriately.

Some famous and successful people that have used cannabis are but not limited to:

  • Bruce Lee - ate a salad of cannabis flowers "buds" daily to cool down his yang chi
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger - admitted to smoking cannabis during his body building career
  • Michael Phelps - the top swimming Olympian champion
  • Carl Sagan - scientist, philosopher, contributor to the cosmic consciousness of society
  • George Washington - not only grew hemp but smoked it in his pipe along with tobacco and opium
  • Vincent Van Gogh - famous painter
  • Many many more in the music industry, historical figures of vast importance and even a number of presidents have used or still use cannabis.
So the arguments against this wonderful herb are in vain. What was lost in history is now re-emerging amongst the public. People are becoming more conscious each and every day, shedding layers of biased thinking, brainwashing and mind control as a result of various influences. So let's exalt the cannabis spirit and restore its reputation to what it should be. The benefits are almost inexhaustible to name them all of even the slightest use of this herb, so let's explore the main benefits we can experience from introducing the ganja into our lives.

  • Kills cancer cells - if you simply Google "cannabis cancer" you will be amazed at what you find. Back in the late 1900s the government funded a study in Virginia to prove that cannabis damaged the immune system. What they found out was the opposite so the government shut that lab down. Studies saying that smoking weed causes lung cancer are false as well. These studies were done with monkeys who were chained to a wall causing massive anxiety and then were forced with gas masks to inhale approximately 900 times what the average person could ever smoke in THC doses. Rat studies were done as well where they were inoculated with cannabis smoke and no noticeable lung damage was found. Rick Simpson and his documentary "Run from the Cure" proved through individual experience that this herb does indeed take on stage 4 cancers when made into a special type of oil called "Phoenix Tears". Another great documentary on this subject matter is this film which I highly recommend watching & showing to your loved ones or anyone affected by this dis-ease: 

  • Protects against radiation - this could be the most important feature of cannabis, which is especially important in this age where our world is becoming more inundated with radiation every passing day.
  • Treats glaucoma - a much more viable alternative than what the medical authorities will offer. Today with Obama care, when you enter any hospital in the US the doctor decides when you get to die. If you doubt that this could be true Google "Obama care death panels". (Another great reason to get into the field of alternative health & natural healing).
  • Benefits arthritis - not only does cannabis offer significant pain relief, it also is one of the strongest anti inflammatory herbs available. As a side benefit, it is the second most mineral rich plant according to a lab in Toronto that analyzes and tests approximately 6,000 different foods/herbs.
  • Alzheimer's disease - increases blood flow to the brain, balances the left and right hemispheres and contains significant amounts of magnesium which is one of the most crucial minerals for cognitive health. Also has been shown to increase neuron growth.
  • HIV - has been found to disable the HIV virus and render it useless, making it unable to replicate in the body.
  • ADD/ADHD - regularly prescribed in California with kids who have attention deficit disorder or related conditions (even OCD).
  • Insomnia - indica is a blessing for anyone with insomnia. It works by increasing the body's production of melatonin by 4,000% which is unheard of! It literally puts other herbs said to benefit insomnia such as chamomile or valerian to shame. Valerian, in fact, can actually exacerbate the symptoms of insomnia, as depending on who takes it, it can have either a stimulating or sedating effect.
  • Multiple sclerosis - not many herbs or remedies offer as much benefit to MS patients as this plant does. Not only does it help to remyelinate the sheath of the nervous system, but also helps to chelate heavy metals from the body and protects the brain from pesticide exposure (two factors that have been related to MS development and progression).
This is just a brief on the medicinal applications of the cannabis plant. What is even more important to discuss here is how the potency of cannabis is being bred out by medical dispensaries and careless people. Indica, originating from India and Sativa, originating from Africa have lost a lot of their genetic potential being bred and cloned repetitively. This is due to a number of factors. Some of them being: dispensaries, hydroponics, GMO strains such as "G13", etc.

What must be done to keep the potency going is keeping strong breeds that have their roots in their native countries. Afghan, for instance, a favorite strain of mine is very strong genetically and has some of the best therapeutic effects. Unless people breed strains for genetic potential, instead of breeding for the amount of harvest, the cannabis plant will continue to lose its medicinal value. This is a potential problem with legalization schemes. Once the government gets their greedy hands on this plant, not only can they tax it, but can also create haphazard strains with addictive properties and even addictive chemicals added to them to increase revenue. 

If anyone claims that legalization is the answer, tell them no. Decriminalization is the only way to keep it pure and out of the governments hands. Legalization also implies that the government should decide what is good or bad for us. This is nothing but brainwashing and misleading. We must take our own power into our hands and be responsible for all of our actions.

For more information on cannabis and it's applications, be sure to search this blog for vasts amounts of research and findings regarding cannabis' healing effects. 

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  1. i knew all the healing properties but i didn't know they were being jeopardized by medicinal dispensaries .. makes sense.