Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doctors Need to Become Healers

(NaturalNews) There should be deep concern and appall at the alarmingly poor state of health of the American people. American medical doctors have utterly failed the American people, their trusting patients. Were doctors to become true healers instead of shills for the pharmaceutical industry, maybe then the American people would have a true shot at regaining their health.

Millions of Americans are dying unnecessarily. They are the brutalized and agonized victims of indiscriminate manslaughter, crucified by the premeditated malpractice of a totally misinformed and misguided American medical community. To add insult to injury, this disgraceful and dishonorable malpractice on living human beings is motivated by only money and sheer stupidity, avarice and ruinous medical application.

Most medical doctors should have their licenses revoked at once. This should be done to stop immediately the grossly offensive, shocking and disgraceful malpractice of guesstimation, diagnosing and the mistaken use of poison chemical drug therapy. Promulgated by the physical-chemical scientists and the giant pharmaceutical industry, this chemical drug therapy results in broken lives and untimely deaths.

Why is it so difficult for anyone to understand that "Mother Nature" does not require any outside interference from the medical community to care for or heal the human body? Medical schools are continuously turning out future would-be murderers, butchers, poisoners, electrocuters, zombiemakers and frauds, certainly not healers.

Vibrant health and the elimination of disease are contrary to the basic economic interests of the American medical profession and the medical-drug-hospital industry combined. Why? Because there is no money in healthy people.

The corrupt American medical profession is guilty of irresponsible deception and chicanery in the promiscuous and senseless crimes of manslaughter of millions of Americans. This is due to the use of utterly stupid, archaic and immorally wrong Pasteurian methods of treating the ill, sick and diseased.

Remember this; a medical doctor cannot cure you of any illness, sickness or disease. Your own body is the greatest doctor on Earth. Your body can effectively prevent bodily disturbances and heal itself of any body-chemistry imbalance if given the chance through biological hygiene, proper nutrition, proper elimination and lack of excessive enervation.

Medical doctors have been taught to treat symptoms only, not causes of bodily disturbances. As a result, millions of innocent human beings will continue to die needlessly. Medical doctors cannot effectively treat what they do not or will not understand and seem to know so little of - the natural biological processes of the marvelous human organism. Factually, they have no training in natural methods of bodily care and healing. The American medical community makes no attempt to teach preventative medicine. They are only interested in the economics of treating symptoms.

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