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11:11 Awakening Code: 12/12/09 - The importance of today! Please share with all your friends

We are giving you all the opportunity to shine and share your loving energy with us on our blogtalk radio show.

Please join our special show today at 11pm UK time... more information is below:

UPCOMING SHOW on 11:11 Awakening Code Blogtalk Radio
Date: Dec 12 2009
Time: 11pm UK
Meditation begins @ 11:11

Join with Georgina Beament, Julie Aubier, Tracey Love Lee.

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I love you, as I AM YOU.


The 11:11 Awakening Code Team has this very special message to share about today's special day...

Metatron Speaks: 11/30/09
On 12/12 there will not be a "poof" and they are gone, swallowed up in some manner kind of thing.

Earth will on this day, discernibly and palpably separate into interdimensions both being experienced at the same time.
It may not be felt by many that first day, but as time marches on, things will be noticeably different on Terra Nova Earth versus '3D becoming 5D Earth' parallel. These will be parallels happening on two different timelines simultaneously.
As Terra Nova continues to ascend more each day, and Galactic presence helps her along with technology and new systems in place; then at the same time, interdimensionally and parallel to this, others will continue in their jobs without this assistance and stay in their homes, stay with their veils intact.

They will not recognize that the 5D and above ones are doing something a bit different. They just will not believe what the others believe, and this is how they will be, by their own choice, in limbo. They will continue with their programs in place, in the matrix consciousness. They will notice a group of Earthlings have changed, but they will not understand it, or pay much attention to it, they will have veils and will be somewhat blind to it. They will continue to worry about deadlines and survival.
In the meantime, those on Terra Nova, will have their veils drop. They will note a difference in the other group; they will continue to love and support them and some will spend more time with the old group, than others. They will have duality removed and be walking with their Twin Flames and know balance and orgasmic love in all their trillions of cells.

The ones not yet moving forward will stay in their own fog and not notice the changes of the others, and the Terra Nova inhabitants will be aware of the smaller Group, but will feel so compassionate and loving and detached from them, one will not affect the other on a day to day basis. As the Ones on the parallel timeline continue on they will have a collapse of their financial systems and this will be devastating. Through this, they will come into new governance. They will continue to learn and grow in a duality setting. They have chosen this. They will be on a timeline where 3D is becoming 5D.
To ask when half or more of the 3D becoming 5D Group can rejoin the other group, as they move out of their kind of anomaly bubble, can be a hundred years, or two, or more. This is yet to be determined. It will not be one second longer than their critical mass will require.

This is why Ashtar said, some of you will go back to 3D and help others there.
You can go back and forth at will.
You will cast your image onto physicality as little or as much as you like. Therefore, friends and family may become distant friends or family you haven't seen in years, or not, depending on your presence there. Many walk-ins lose contact with their 'rental unit' birth family over time, some get divorced right after they walk-in.

Situations change and distances in relationships manifest for different reasons. This is easily understood and not dwelt on as each person gets into their immediate life and the work they are doing and their own close relationships.

Metatron has asked all of us to meditate together on 12/12/09 as a Cosmic Burst of Love pours out over the Planet as we move into a higher octave wave. We cite other recent statements about these events by several higher sources:

Mother Sekhmet: “What we have not been talking about is, at the time of decloakings, there will be a half-step increase in intelligence and heart opening for all inhabitants on Earth. This serves the purpose of dropping the veils which stand between you and the other dimensions and parallels. With these veils dropped, you will remember you are a Creator God.”
11/24/09 Beth and Mark

Lady Master Nada: “In the past, Earth has functioned as disembodied parts with no cohesive connection to Universal Mind. Earth also had a disconnect from feminine and masculine balance. In this duality setting, the financial and legal systems functioned in imbalanced ways. Earth is being formed as Terra Nova, connected to Source, with love consciousness, and acting as One Being.”
11/21/09 Beth and Mark

Ashtar: “..Right now what we are asking all of you to focus upon is your mission here in this phase of Planet Earth’s Ascension. We have already told you many times Ascension is assured. You are all going and it’s simply a matter of knowing what it is that you are here to do to facilitate that Ascension, that’s number one, and number two, what it is that you are here to do in the way of a helping project or mission for the planet….So keep in mind that you have choices and you are not limited you are not restricted. You are not limited to any particular planet and here is another deal for you. You are not going to be limited to any particular dimension.

“You can go into any dimension or you can access that part of you that is in a different dimension anyway and connect and communicate and commune and literally put yourself there. Now of course your physical bodies have to be up to speed and after a certain time you will simply not take your physicality there anyway, you’ll just be a body of light. And that’s kinda fun too.

“We would probably say the best thing to do is just aim high, higher than 3D. You will be leaving 3D anyway. But you will have the capabilities once you have been to 5D – you will have the capabilities to come back to 3D and be an assistant if you want to do so. And you can still, let me see, jet out of there any time that you choose. There will be many, many choices and opportunities.”
Ashtar through Susan Leland 11/17/09

Quan Yin: “Mother Sekhmet works with her Team to see that each one of her children receives exactly what they need. This is the most equitable way to continue with Planetary, Universal, and Cosmic Ascension. The computers at the 172nd Dimension take in all the information to help determine the best outcome possible for All That Is.

Please continue to think of these Ones, in each Tier, and Bless Them as they continue down their next appointed path. Use Ho ‘opono pono in every situation where it is helpful, to yourself, and to others. Forgive all that has happened, and forgive YOUR reaction to these events.”
11/21/09 Beth and Mark

From 12:12 The Parting of Worlds: “The Severing of Timelines. The starbeings have declared that 12/12/09 finalizes the separation of worlds from the lower dimensional reality matrix of polarization and the higher dimensional reality matrix of unification.

This means the absence of discord and the arrival of peace.

This is also the prophesied time for the wayshowers to activate their full potential in mastery and to step fully into their leadership roles…”those who rise to the top will be the new leaders of a divine era and those who follow suit will be well cared for in the realms of new earth.”
Pleiadians via Lauren Gorgo: 11/24/09


Metatron, through Tyberonn: On the subject of the separation of the darkhats from the new timeline:

“On the 12-12 they will be received in macro, in group and mass. And as such hold open the doorway for all of humanity to pass through the same threshold.” Tyberonn 11/08/09

Metatron, through Beth and Mark: 12/12/09 is THE HIGHEST energy wave released to Earth, in all time, ever before.

This energy wave is a Cosmic Burst of Love pouring into the hearts of every man woman and child. It is in this Cosmic Burst of Love that the core issues will be healed, hearts will open up, old programs will drop, and the merkiva in the crown and the merkiva in the heart will be in hyperdrive, receiving new coding for what is to happen next.”
11/27/09 Beth and Mark

Some of you must be experiencing the change of vibration as we speak . this years have had many months with 13 moons which has made much things wavy .. Sleepless nights, headaches, raising of past patterns, deep DNA cleansing.. You have over stood , for some , in the hard way, the law of least resistance and have allowed to let go and abounded yourself unto the hand of the Divine providence.
2010 is going to be more easy , the energy of NOW has been activate ‘in ,You will not feel any boundaries nor attachements.In'joy and be ready to help those who will ask .
Give thanks for all that you have learned ...
Your SiStar In Light
JeweL I

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