Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Live to be 3,000 years old...


We're about to release some deep knowledge regarding the well kept longevity secrets of the ancients, as well as basic health and healing modalities that can be implied for simple understanding of the Uni-Verse as well as everyday living. Be sure not to miss it. Sign up at:

Spread the word, share with your loved ones, and prepare yourself for another few thousand years; this information is time tested, works, and is centuries old. Take Taoist Immortal Li Ching Yuen for example, lived to be 256 years around the sun. He had 23 wives in his lifetime and chose to leave his body once he told friends that "I have done all I have to do in this world. I will now go home."

This information will be spread out in the course of the next few months in program format, so get ready, because your time on this planet may be potentially longer than you think! ;)

Peace & Blessings,


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