Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Growing Food on the White House Lawn

This animated video is part of the "Eat the View" campaign to turn part of the White House's 18 acre lawn back into an edible landscape. The video tells the story of the "America's Garden" from 1800 when President John Adams planted the first "first vegetables" to feed his own family to the present day.

It ends by peeking optimistically into the future when President Obama, seeing how our world is changing, announces plans to replant America's garden, inspiring countless citizens to grow some of their own delicious, healthy, and environmentally responsible food.

The "Eat the View" campaign is powered by real people like you. If you haven't yet signed our petition, please do so here: eattheview.org/petition

The video was produced by the nonprofit group Kitchen Gardeners International (KitchenGardeners.org) which is leading the "Eat the View" campaign. The animation is the creative genius of Eliot Morrison of yiggs.com.

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