Thursday, November 1, 2012

What are Spagyrics?

The word Spagyric was created by Paracelsus to describe a new form of Alchemically-based medicines he created in his lab in the 16th century. Formed from two root words meaning separate and recombine, the word itself sums up the Spagyric process in a simplified way. The work of creating Spagyrics involves complicated separations of the plant’s physical and subtle constituents, purification and refinement of the separated aspects, and their recombination into an elevated whole. This process is considered a type of reincarnation, an apparent death and destruction which liberates the vital energy of the plant to be reborn into something more pure and refined than its previous existence. To learn more about Spagyric healing and our medicines, click on About Spagyrics, on the left. Through Hahnemann’s healing system of Homeopathy, many people have heard of Paracelsus and the very small slice of his work that Hahnemann incorporated into Homeopathic healing. But there are important differences between the two systems, and we invite you to investigate the distinction by clicking on Spagyrics & Homeopathy, on the left. Source -

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