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Modern Cannabis Therapeutics

"You know, it doesnt really matter if Cannabinoids can reduce reduce heart attacks by 66%, Insulin dependent Diabetes by 58%, prevent Cancers - because if we can't figure out how to deal with the enviroment it's Game Over, and Game Over fairly quickly." Cannabis clinician Dr. William Courtney recommends drinking 4 - 8 ounces of raw flower and leaf juice from any Hemp plant, 5 mg CBD / kg of body weight, 10 mg of THC and a salad of Hemp seed sprouts in doses taken 5 times daily. It is more efficient to drink heated juice than inhaling a dose of THC. Patients using blood pressure, birth control, Epilepsy, anti-psychotic or any Cardiac medicines will need more juice to elevate thier serum Cannabinoid levels. Patients suffering from end stage cancer should eat fresh, raw flowers. Plants sprayed with in-organic pesticide shouldn't be juiced, but some pests are edible, such as Spider mites. Do not rinse leaves before juicing because trichomes detach too easily, instead soak them in water for five minutes before juicing. To juice flowers, leaves or sprouts a masticating juicer works best. If you use a blender, add vegetables to help it chop fibers apart. To preserve each dose of juice, fill baby food jars to the top for an air-tight seal. A dose of juice frozen in an ice cube tray will retain it's medicinal value. To make more CBD available, patients remove THC to make more CBD available by boiling it off with a heat gun at 166 degrees. Delta 9 THC boils at 157 degrees, Delta 8 THC boils at 175, CBD boils at 188 degrees. Dried flower can also be ground into kief and eaten with food. Raw dietary Cannabis is effective at lower doses than heated preparations because the constituents have an entourage effect when they act synergistically. CBDA is an anti-biotic only available in raw Cannabis. "The amount of cannabinoids we need would be difficult to get through smoked cannabis without feeling the intoxicating effects" - Kristen Courtney 20 mg of THC causes most patients to have slower motor functions, and by 30 mg most patients are prone. THC is the only psycho-active group of cannabinoids and is only present in minute amounts in raw Cannabis. THC degrades into CBN over time, the only sedative group of Cannabinoids. Patients who drink Hemp juice lower thier blood pressure an average of 10 points within 2 hours. Patients over the age of 40 need dietary Cannabis daily to avoid a lack-luster quality of life. Patients with Diabetes, Obesity, Endometriosis, Sleep apnea conditions and toxic exposure to Amphetamines, radiation or Alcohol have recovered with Cannabinoid therapy. Patients with severe Arthritis have also found relief by applying ground Hemp leaf to the inflamed area overnight. The Endogenous Cannabinoid System puts our biological systems in a normal range by regulating each cell tissue. Our body breaks down Arachadonic acid in Omega 6 EFA to make Cannabinoids; which are fatty molecules that communicate harm between cells. Hemp seed oil is the best source of EFA. Once the Lipid tissue is saturated with Cannabinoids, our body reaches the optimum level of regeneration. Cannabis mimics the Endocannabinoid System by replacing Cannabinoids when there is an Arachadonic acid deficiency. ''The {Cannabinoid} receptors that accept chemical messages from the Endo-Cannabinoids do not distinguish whether the Cannabinoids have been produced naturally or not. This is why using medical Cannabis allows the brain to send the same messages as it would if the Endo-Cannabinoid system were not malfunctioning'' - Laura Vladimirova Cannabis contains every dietary essential that we can't synthesize: Essential Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids and Essential Cannabinoid acids. All Cannabis plants: Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, male, female, hermaphrodite, bred for fiber, seeds, medicinal resin or wild contain anti-tumor medicine. CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and other Cannabinoids that are dominant in fiber Hemp have anti-tumor activities. A strain with one percent CBD will contain nineteen times the amount of CBD compared to the vitamin C in an Orange. After three months of development the Cannabinoid content of each leaf and flower peaks for most strains. Viable Hemp seeds sold from www.detoxyourworld.com, www.hemporium.com, www.happilyraw.com and www.gojiking.co.uk are likely 20:1 CBD/THC. To sprout viable seeds, sprinkle them over soil, then cover and water daily until they emerge. Eating a few dozen sprouts is very nutritious and analgesic. Cannabis flowers, leaves, essential oil, seeds and roots are also available online. Hemp seed oil contains 10 mg / kg of CBD and many anti-tumor compounds. In countries with a tolerant THC law, Hemp seed oil can contain up to 50 mg/kg THC. Swiss Hemp essential oil contains 540 mg / kg of CBD and 3 mg / kg each CBD, CBG and CBN. For green leaf, contact The Humboldt Patient Resource Center, Canna Culture Collective and Leanord Moore Co-op or local growers on cannabis forum. Marinol contains the carcinogen Titanium Dioxide. Titanium dioxide is commonly included in toothpaste, sunscreen, cosmetics and paint. Trichomes protect against UV-B and are fat-soluble. Hemp seed oil carries them off the shell during pressing, hence it's a viable sunscreen. The United States has given a patent to their Food and Drug Administration titled "Cannabinoids as Anti-oxidants and neuroprotectants." The invention is taking 600 mg of CBD a day to prevent oxidative diseases. It reads "Oxidative associated diseases include, without limitation, free radical associated diseases, such as ischemia, ischemic reperfusion injury, inflammatory diseases, systemic lupus erythematosis, myocardial ischemia or infarction, cerebrovascular accidents (such as a thromboembolic or hemorrhagic stroke) that can lead to ischemia or an infarct in the brain, operative ischemia, traumatic hemorrhage (for example a hypovolemic stroke that can lead to CNS hypoxia or anoxia), spinal cord trauma, Down's syndrome, Crohn's disease, autoimmune diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes), cataract formation, uveitis, emphysema, gastric ulcers, oxygen toxicity, neoplasia, undesired celular apoptosis, radiation sickness, and others. The present invention is believed to be particularly beneficial in the treatment of oxidative associated diseases of the CNS, because of the ability of the cannabinoids to cross the blood brain barrier and exert their antioxidant effects in the brain. In particular embodiments, the pharmaceutical composition of the present invention is used for preventing, arresting, or treating neurological damage in Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and HIV dementia; autoimmune neurodegeneration of the type that can occur in encephalitis, and hypoxic or anoxic neuronal damage that can result from apnea, respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest, and anoxia caused by drowning, brain surgery or trauma (such as concussion or spinal cord shock) http://cannabisinternational.org/patents.php ''A child who used to have hundreds of seizures a day now goes days without having a seizure [using 11:1 CBD/THC Hemp juice after being on every medication Western Medicine had]. Another patient of mine who is 2 or 3 years old had a brain stem tumor: after receiving 10 times the fatal exposure of radiation and a bone marrow transplant, she was sent home from hospice care. She was consuming up to 4 - 8 oz of raw cannabis juice per day - her MRI came, not only is the tumor gone, but the radiation damage, the scar tissue has completely reabsorbed in a year and a half, and it normally takes 5 - 6 years for that to reabsorb.'' - Dr. William Courtney ''Magnesium chloride is a potent mineral medicine; it is safe and incredibly fast-acting, as is marijuana. When magnesium is combined with cannabinoid medicine we dramatically increase the medical horsepower we are applying and can expect superior results. Magnesium is the lamp of life and without it we are toast! The two together should be stocked in medicine cabinets providing the safest, most effective medicine team we can recommend for patients.'' - Dr. Mark Sircus ''Cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids have numerous functions, but play a central role in modulating the immune system. They have been shown to be effective as anti-oxidants, analgesics, and as an anti-inflammatory; they are anxiolytic, effective in treating OCD, are active in cellular glucose metabolism, and appear to inhibit aggressive tumor cell growth. The terpenes are known to act synergistically as allosteric modulators at the CB2 receptor. Abnormal function of the ECS can arise from a Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD), from an as yet unidentified Endogenous Terpene Deficiency, as well as from structural / functional deficits in the synthetic, import and degradative enzymes.'' - Kristen Courtney "If a cannabinoid is active for one minute without terpenes, it may be active for an hour with terpenes. If you take two mice and give one of them 5 mg / kg of CBD, and then you tie off the artery to the heart, the heart attack in the individual who's consuming 5 mg /kg a day is reduced by 66%. Hemp can reduce Insulin Dependent Diabetes by 58%. If you have not eaten cannabis for a long time, you are struggling alone. Your immune system is doing it's best, but . . . it's my belief that if the CBD was there 5 years ago or twenty years ago - if it was part of your diet daily - there would be a lot less of those cancers that we then would have to struggle with in a life and death fashion. You want to have CBD present before an event occurs. So if you are eating leaf regularly, and if your CBD content is ready -think of it like Vitamin C: it's just an anti-oxidant on board, you limit the extent of the re-profusion injury, and you mitigate the damage from being done. You can use it in the morning, and midday; still function - drive cars, there is no interference with your ability to take care of your daily issues. The amount of money spent on diseases that cannabis could prevent equal the military budget. If people need another reason to be active, it is in reversing the Treaty One, immediately. Stop that legislation that prevents this plant from being used by billions of people in the world, for whom that is really their only source of analgesia and anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic, antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-malarial, anti-anxiolitic and anti-psychotics. I believe cannabis is a dietary essential for all 7 billion people in it's ability to prevent conditions as well as treat conditions that could already exsist. Why would you deprive a child of the possibility of preventing tumors, or the possibility of preventing diabetes? - Dr. William Courtney "Very simply, when THC connects to the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptor site on the cancer cell, it causes an increase in ceramide synthesis which drives cell death. A normal healthy cell does not produce ceramide in the presence of THC, thus is not affected by the cannabinoid." - Dennis Hill "When you consume raw cannabis, that is cannabis which has not been heated, you are consuming the cannabinoid acids. THCA and/or CBDA. If you have a strain that is dominant in CBD, then the raw form is delivering CBDA. If you have a high THC strain, then this raw form will deliver THCA. Look up tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or cannabidiolic acid. Those are the A forms of the molecules you are consuming. Almost all varieties today contain large amounts of THCA which when heated provides THC. By volume (it is reported by weight actually), there is next to no CBDA or CBD in virtually all of the strains currently available. NOT ALL STRAINS ARE THE SAME! EVEN THE SAME NAMES ARE MOST OFTEN NOT THE SAME (mis -named, different grower = different method = different end product)! Over-generalization of this marvelous plant is what is diminishing its stock and ruining the value it has to offer. We’ve done thousands of strain tests and have in-house expertise directly from The Netherlands, we are the most informed laboratory of professional scientists in the US, you can rest assured my comments are correct. Only about 2% of the strain products available today have CBD above 1 wt% in them. It is RARE! And most likely almost none of it exists in non -medical states today. Juicing is working because it provides the cannabinoid acids, which are potent anti-inflammatory compounds that help regulate the endocannabinoid system in ways not fully understood just yet. When you juice properly, you consume almost no THC or CBD, it is all THCA and CBDA! That is why you don’t receive any psychoactive effects." - Dr. Jeffery Raber Viable Hemp seeds sold from www.detoxyourworld.com, www.hemporium.com, www.happilyraw.com and www.gojiking.co.uk are likely 20:1 CBD/THC. www.greenambrosia.net has medicine that patients in any state can buy online www.life-flo.com/pure-magnesium-flakes.html Cheap magnesium chl http://r.ebay.com/zqV0Ex Hemp leaf www.hippiebutter.com and www.nutiva.com Fine Hemp seed oil www.dixiex.com CBD vials and pills that ship internationally OTC. The 25 mg pills may contain 1 mg THC. www.thehempshop.co.uk/product-124.htm Swiss Hemp essential oil www.canah-shop.ro/capsule-cu-ulei-de-canepa/Hemp seed oil from outside Canada is more medicinal www.Hemp-Eaze.com Edible topical Hemp root salve www.en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caryophyllene These are plant sources of a cannabinoid. Clove and rosemary are toxic in large doses www.montanabiotech.com/2011/03/26/scientists-find-new-sources-of-plant-cannabinoids-other-than-medical-marijuana/ Posted by: Alyx Sandra Kerr

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