Saturday, August 18, 2012

THC as an Antioxidant

THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol. It's the main compound in cannabis that get's us "high". Yet what most people don't realize is how much therapeutic potential it has. In this article we will explore the antioxidant value of THC and some other benefits that it possesses.


Many people surpass the immense healing energy that this miraculous molecule maintains. Molecules are the puzzles of life. A simple change in the order in which the atoms are arranged, can render carbon into diamonds. Well, cannabis is not too far away from diamonds. In fact, it may be one of the most medicinal herbs available.

Often labeled as a "gateway drug" cannabis has received much hate from the press and media. Why is it we must ask ourselves, that the government does not want us to have access to this plant? Even though it is very obvious that their policies have not and will not work, great effort is being employed to keep it out of the hands of the public. Fortunately, our country was founded on freedom, not corporate interest. So the efforts to keep this plant away from the hands of people has only resulted in wasted time, energy and money.

So far 17 states have already passed laws to allow the use of the plant. The reason why a state can do this, is because the sheriff posses more jurisdiction in his county than the president! So even if the federal agents wanted to come and raid shop, it is ultimately up to the sheriff to what goes down in their district. Organizations like the DEA often raid shops that are not run in accordance with the state law. Federal agents, for this reason, are able to hack away at the medical cannabis dispensaries that are acting in opposition to what state laws have already passed.

One thing that I often like to teach people, is that this plant should not be called "marijuana". Not only is it disrespectful for the shamanic plant energy, but the term itself actually originates from a species of wild Mexican tobacco and has nothing to do with cannabis! More respectful names for this plant would include: cannabis, ganja, sensimilla, sensi, Buddha, Shiva, etc. We must respect our plants, as they are truly our best teachers. Now let's discuss some of the politics of cannabis, shall we?

Many people hold an idea in their heads that it's a good idea to legalize cannabis. Nothing could be farther than the truth. Please don't waste your time or energy on this matter folks, as lobbying for legalization will only grant more power to the government. The same people who put sodium fluoride in the water supply & brainwash parents via the media to feed our kids high fructose corn syrup. We need to rethink this policy and go to an even better approach ~ decriminalization!

Now why would we want to do that? Don't innocent people get locked up every day for using cannabis? Well, yea duh but the government only preys on sheeple, not people. Knowledgeable folks don't get put in handcuffs or behind bars. This said, we still need to change our federal policy on cannabis, but not by legalization.

Let me give you a simple reason why legalization could destroy the plant's reputation. Imagine cannabis becoming legalized, everyone 21 years or older can access it. Now, companies like Marlboro, who enjoy killing people with their products, gaining access to it & making their own "cigarettes" from it. This may not sound bad at first, but guess what? Companies like them destroyed tobacco & made it hard for people to even grow the plant!

They've turned an extremely medicinal plant into a killing machine! Tobacco was used in herbal formulas up until recently where it was replaced with lobelia. Now with cannabis, it would be very easy for companies to start adding chemicals to their cannabis products to start making it actually physically addictive, then publish studies on it saying how it has this and that negative effect. In reality, we must preserve the freedom to use the plant, while keeping it out of the hands of greedy corporations.

Now let's discuss the antioxidant potential of cannabis, specifically THC. Antioxidants are molecules with added electrons, that grab on to free radicals and quench their "thirst". Free radicals are electron deficient molecules that go about our bodies and cause aging & deterioration. Cannabis, in my experience and when grown properly, may be one of the highest ORAC containing plants. This is true for a number of reasons.


Not only is cannabis one of the most mineral rich herbs on the planet, but it also has an aura or energy that far surpasses other herbs when it comes to healing. For such a simple plant, it can treat everything from cancer to diabetes, weight loss to arthritis, multiple sclerosis to glaucoma! I could write a whole book on each dis-ease that cannabis benefits. This is truly a sacred herb and we must give it the respect that it deserves. So let us use it in reverence, in awe of the magnificent potential that the universe has placed in our hands.


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