Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Truth About Genetics

Genetics are very misunderstood not only by the public, but also by scientists. It is a widespread belief that the DNA is fixed and the only thing that will ever influence it is our genes which are programmed within. They will tell you, environment, diet, relationships, activity levels, sun, or even water will not alter your genes and that it's ok to eat processed foods and nutrient devoid substances. I will first assert that this belief is completely false and that everything we do influences our genes! How can this be true?

According to current scientific methods, it's not very widely known that food alone can change our genes. Everything that we consume or do is literally creating our DNA for our next generation. The human being is a miracle of existence, it is very very underestimated. What amazes me is how so many people can believe such erroneous things that don't make any sense or benefit them. Now let's see how we can use this information to our advantage...

If we want better health or more vitality we will first adjust our diets. This is a huge step towards upgrading our DNA. Genes are very susceptible to whatever the person is exposed to. If we eat food with lead or mercury in it, this can lead to DNA mutations. If we eat an organic strawberry, those antioxidants and phytochemicals positively influence our genes for the better.

Water is a great example. Millions all over the globe drink fluoride and chlorine consistently. Now I will prove to you how this damages the DNA. Fluoride alone calcifies the pineal gland which is responsible for manufacturing DNA! Chlorine in it's synthetic state kills our friendly probiotics in our digestive system.

Without going into the history of how these toxic chemical products were put in the water in the first place which is a long story in and of itself, let's talk about how we can access better water. Filters can get chlorine out of our water supply and some even claim to be able to remove fluoride. Yet there are still traces of chemicals, drugs, other unwanted substances. None of these are beneficial for promoting structured water that hydrates us. The best water in existence is spring water. If we cannot locate a spring in our area, we would be wise to look into the best water filters available and reliable methods to re-structure that water.


Sunlight, for example, changes our DNA for the better! How is this so? When our body reacts to the sun by producing a sun tan, our cells get healthy radiation from the sun and turn it into a positive form of energy. Sunlight also allows cholesterol in our bodies to synthesize into vitamin D. The sun is a great way to upgrade our DNA!

The lycopene in tomatoes protects our genes from mutations. Turmeric does the same, in an even more powerful manner. All herbs and fruits help build healthy genes and protect our DNA. Even exercises can change our DNA! The list goes on and on how we can build healthy genes and ensure a better future.

What's important to recognize is that science is still immature and we may not know as much as we think! Our thoughts affect our DNA. I ask that you embrace this knowledge as a form of empowerment. You are in charge of your reality. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!




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