Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jedi mind tricks for dealing with regret

A Jedi understands how the dark side uses regret. Regret binds you down to a life of misery, chained to a phantom menace! Full of regret, you remain blind to hope, renewal and opportunities to serve. Is it time for you to free yourself from the self-loathing that flows from errors in the past? This Jedi mind trick is the key. Take the following distinctions to heart and you shall be free in due time. Understand the difference between regret and remorse. Regret is feeling bad that something happened. Remorse is feeling bad that you did something wrong. Regret is about circumstances. Remorse is about integrity. I regret my actions (circumstances required them). I feel remorse for my actions (because I compromised my integrity). These are two very different things! You can regret something, but feel no remorse. You can regret that you had to do something, knowing you would do it again under the circumstances. I regret that I had to leave you (This happens when you are in the military and are called to duty). I feel remorse that I left you (It was wrong and shortsighted of me, as I had other options, but chose to be selfish and move away). Regret requires accepting something. What can I do to prepare for this in the future? How can I accommodate these circumstances? Remorse requires correcting something. What can I do to make it up to you? How can I make amends? Hiding remorse behind regret. Now to the advanced training! Once you learn from and adapt to a regretful circumstance, the regret has served its purpose and naturally dissipates. If you are tortured with regret over time, however, then you may have been tricked by the dark side, seduced into an emotional tailspin. One of two things is going on. 1. You are confused about regret. You may think that regret means you violated your integrity. Search your feelings. Did you do anything that you consider morally wrong? Did you follow the dark side by giving into greed, hatred, or envy? If not (and you are exercising unbridled honesty) then you are FREE. You have merely confused regret and remorse. You have blamed yourself for something that you did not do or could not avoid. You are morally innocent and can now move on. 2. You are hiding your remorse beneath a facade of regret. When remorse pretends to be regret, however, you fall prey to the trickery of the dark side. You may engage in regret, depressed that your life is how it is, to avoid the sharper pain of remorse. To uncover the truth, you must ask yourself if you have wronged someone important to you. Be careful here, as the dark side does not want you to come to terms with this. Nevertheless, quiet your mind. Put yourself into their other's position. Be honest. Have you done anything wrong? If so, feel the pain of it. For this is the way toward freedom and the restoration of your integrity in this matter. You'll know what to do next. When you have made amends to the best of your ability, you will be free to the best of the universe's ability. Let go of regret. Act on remorse. Source -

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