Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DivinityNow: Coming to grips with crisis, the loss of loved ones, and the divine right of self defense

In this timely video, Mike Adams, the editor of NaturalNews and the creator of explores key issues we each face when experiencing the sudden loss of a loved one due to violent crime or any other circumstance. Those topics include: • Why the soul is immortal and cannot be harmed by bullets or explosives. • The fragility of life and the blessing of being granted the opportunity of life. • How to make the most of life after losing a loved one. • The relationship between our non-physical spirit body (immortal) and our physical body (returns to the Earth). • How to choose to lead a life worth living. The "rule of three" that can redeem your immortal soul and consciousness. • What Christianity and New Age thought have in common about the existence of the soul, life after death, and other subjects. • Why we all tend to take our lives too seriously and get "lost in the drama" instead of keeping the bigger picture in mind (conscious cosmology). • Why your actions and decisions are forever recorded in the record of your soul, and how to redeem your soul by choosing to act in the protection of light and life. • Why self defense is a divine right, and that protecting the lives of innocents is in complete alignment with the divine. • Why it's important to review your own "karmic log book" and determine where you need to make amends and overcome any wrongs you may have committed with far more "right" behaviors in alignment with light and love. • Why you cannot be a destructive, deceptive person your entire life and then ask for giveness on your death bed and be instantly redeemed. Instead, you must earn your redemption through dedicated, conscious choices in the defense of that which is good. • How to honor lost loved ones in the best way possible while choosing to move forward in a positive way in your own life. • Why free will and consciousness is the greatest gift we've been given by our Creator. Watch the full video here: Or click PLAY on the video thumbnail below:

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