Monday, July 2, 2012

American Anti-Cancer Institute disavows any involvement with failed ALIVE New York event, clarifies mission and intent

In the wake of the ALIVE New York event imploding under allegations of financial mismanagement ( and obvious fraud (, nearly all the speakers who had been invited to participate in the event have cancelled and will no longer attend. As evidence of tax-exempt misrepresentation and fraud, criminal histories and a deep web of deception have surfaced, virtually no one wants to be associated with the event or its co-founders Joshua Scurry and Anna Scurry. One of the claims made by the co-founders was that all the extra money raised -- after they paid for their luxury living arrangements and expensive "after party," of course -- was to be donated to the American Anti-Cancer Institute (, an educational non-profit focused on teaching people how to prevent cancer and heal from cancer. Unlike ALIVE New York, the AACI actually is a tax-exempt non-profit with a legitimate 501(c)3 designation by the IRS. They associate with some of the top people in the industry who understand cutting-edge cancer therapies, including Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Dr. Thomas Lodi, Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, and many others. I spoke with Bob Wright, the founder of the AACI, about the ALIVE New York fiasco, and he explained that like all the other speakers and organizations, the AACI was simply invited to be part of something that was billed as being an industry awards event. The AACI had no financial involvement in the event, and like virtually all the other participants, the AACI was distraught to learn the truth about what has been uncovered over the last several days. His full statement, which is about to be published on the AACI website, is below. To help the natural health community come together in a healing event in the wake of this fiasco, NaturalNews has put together a FREE "Healing Summit" streaming event that begins this Friday, and broadcasts all weekend long with top speakers on health and healing, nutrition, cancer, spiritual healing and much more. NaturalNews is footing the bill for the entire event, all speakers are graciously volunteering their time for it, and there are no ticket sales, no registrations needed, no commercials and no funny business. We are expecting over 50,000 listeners to attend. Full details of this event are found at: Statement from Bob Wright of the American Anti-Cancer Institute We have watched with great sadness the sudden, catastrophic demise of Alive New York. We are dismayed that an event of this magnitude could fall so far so fast. Be it known today -- that the American Anti-Cancer Institute has never had any involvement in the setup or planning of this event. We were asked to participate as speakers -- as were many others. And although we had no written contract, we were told that we would be the primary beneficiary of the list of charities to receive funds. To date, we have received nothing -- nor do we expect to. It became increasingly apparent to us during the past several weeks that Alive New York income would probably not be sufficient for there to be much, if any, payout to the charity group. Still, we were excited to have the opportunity to show the world who we are and what we're doing and planning. We are a certified, IRS-designated, 501(C)(3), not-for-profit charity. We help cancer patients every day -- for FREE. We know what causes cancer -- thus, we know what heals cancer. Ask the thousands upon thousands of people that we have counseled, those who have read our book or have been to one of our many seminars. We really do know what we are doing -- and people always come first. In the mislabeled field of "alternative medicine," we're not in it for the money. If that was indeed the case, most of us would be gone. No, we do what we do because it is the right thing to do -- leading people to the truth and giving them hope. At the American Anti-Cancer Institute almost everyone is a volunteer. We have paid some small amounts to contract marketers but, mostly, we are all unpaid. Being the Director and Founder, I earn no salary and haven't for the four years of our existence. Despite the failure of Alive New York and the disappearance of our hope therein, we will continue to be here -- moving forward to, hopefully, build our planned 100-acre healing campus in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It will be called a "World Center" for the simple reason that no individual or group can claim it -- it will belong to everyone. It will be a true "healing center." Again, we are very saddened by what has happened. We have all lost something as a result. Look for a world-wide event, possibly in the L.A. area, next year -- done right. The American Anti-Cancer Institute along with its Advisory Board of well-known doctors and healers, including Dr. Coldwell, are in the initial planning stages for such an event. All, with similar missions, goals and objectives, will be invited to participate. Sincerely, Bob Wright Director / Founder American Anti-Cancer Institute Author: "Killing Cancer - Not People" Source -

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