Thursday, June 21, 2012

Secret audio of Aajonus Vonderplanitz demanding $500,000 from Sharon Palmer released by mystery blogger

A mystery blogger has just posted a secret audio file that appears to show Aajonus Vonderplanitz demanding $500,000 from Sharon Palmer (Health Family Farms) and asking for all the assets from Rawesome Foods (James Stewart), including the name "Rawesome." Aajonus Vonderplanitz is that same individual NaturalNews recently exposed as having acquired a phony PhD from a diploma mill ( and being one of the two people behind the effort to disparage the reputations of both Sharon Palmer and James Stewart by publicizing shoddy lab tests which, upon further review, couldn't even be linked to Sharon Palmer's chicken ( NaturalNews has confirmed that Vonderplanitz met with the Ventura County District Attorney's prosecutor Chris Harman. We have also confirmed this is his voice on the recording. The secret audio has been posted at: Here's what the post says: Transcript of secret audio of Aajonus Vonderplanitz demanding money from Sharon Palmer Date of this recording, sometime close to October 6, 2011. Transcript below the audio link. (The attorney is probably Warren Nemiroff, who filed the lawsuit mentioned against Stewart and Palmer for Aajonus and Otting.) Aajonus: Well, I don't know what she has to offer. Attorney: Yeah, what does she have to offer you. Aajonus: So this wasn't with James or anybody, this was just Sharon. Attorney: No, this is with both of them, they wanna get these attorneys representing… Aajonus: Okay, well I want, you know what I want. We both want the lot. Attorney: Okay. Aajonus: We want, you know, James' share of the lot. Period. And we want all of the containers, and any trucks, we want all of Rawesome, period, that's what we want. That's the only way he's getting out of it. Attorney: Okay, now when he gives up Rawesome, you'll give up your lawsuit against him. Aajonus: Correct, absolutely. Attorney: You don't want the name, you just want the equipment. Aajonus: Well, he doesn't own the name, I own the name. Attorney: Oh okay, okay. Aajonus: I just spell it different. He spells it with an "e," I spell it without an "e." Attorney: I see, so, so basically what you want is the equipment and just blah blah blah… Aajonus: Everything that was part of Rawesome. Attorney: Alright, then well you don't really give a crap about Sharon at this point. Aajonus: Well, yeah, definitely I care about Sharon, for her it's, y'know, five hundred thousand. Attorney: But she doesn't have any money, and she… Aajonus: She's a liar. She's got it all in Mexico. Attorney: Well, according to my inside track, her ex-husband (unintelligible) and her brother and she's flat broke. Aajonus: Well, that's because they don't want anybody to know they have the money in Mexico. But they have the money in Mexico. Who the fuck do you think's paying for their attorney fees? Attorney: Well they got that for free, remember? Listen to the secret audio yourself at: Source -

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