Saturday, June 23, 2012

Health and corruption: the deadly duo (opinion)

One would think that in a world of sanity the goal would be to keep the population as well as possible What do you think the goal would be in a world of insanity? Let's take a look. Monsanto, the salt of the earth, by their standards, alleges that their goal is to feed the world. So, they create genetically modified, chemically created foods because what God does isn't good enough for them. These gmos work wonders. They kill the bees, they create super weeds impervious to monsanto's roundup, and they are banned everywhere but the United States. To be sure there are no roadblocks, Monsanto's former executives and lawyers have key positions with the FDA. That makes it so much easier to ban raw milk products and supplements that actually work. In addition, Monsanto has paid off so many people in Hawaii's legislature and the honolulu city council that gmo labeling bills never see the light of day. If they do, they are defeated. Sounds more like controlling the food supply doesn't it? Then the large food companies add enormous amounts of health destroying high-fructose-corn-syrup, preservatives and artificial flavors like msg to create a nice taste and give the product an indefinite shelf life. which is obviously more important that helping you stay healthy. Interesting enough, when msg became well known for its adverse health properties it became known as Amino Sweet. In addition, many euphemisms were created as well. So if you read a label and an ingredient begins with modified, textuerized, or hydrolyzed, it is msg. To combat the obesity epidemic, aspartame was thrust upon us. Reality: it causes excess weight gain, neurological disorders and symptoms of multiple sclerosis. All in the name of profits. When you go to the doctor he heals you by treating your symptoms with drugs or by surgically removing the organ creating the problem. Ah, true healing at it's finest. But what else can you expect when a doctor's medical school curriculum is funded by the pharmaceutical industry? The cattle killers that raise vegetarian cows for slaughter routinely feed them gmo grains and the dead, dying, diseased, and decayed remains of other animals. And yet we wonder why mad cow disease came about. The USDA says it's ok to sell dead chickens as long as the doo doo cannot be seen through the clear wrap packaging, eighty five percent of all eggs produced are contaminated with salmonella, milk is cooked to 200 degrees killing any nutrients and is basically liquid fat, the rivers are chemically polluted, the oceans are heavily contaminated with mercury, toxic wastes, and radiation making the poor fish uneatable. And all this is geared to a healthy population? This is kept from the public because that information may affect corporate profits and that would be a fate worse than your death. What to do? What to do? Read labels, avoid eating anything that had a face or a mother, and if soy, corn or cottonseed do not say organic you have a 95% chance of it being GMO. Did you ever wonder why a package of Twinkies is cheaper than a bag of carrots? It's the food subsidies. 73% to flesh foods, 1% to vegetables, fruits and grains and the rest to the dairy and sugar industry. Take responsibility for your health and you life. The powers to be want your life to be shortened. Aloha! Source -

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