Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alkaloids Present in the Coca Leaf

The notable physical effect of coca leaves is mainly due to its alkaloids. So far, 14 have been isolated from the various varieties of coca plants. The alkaloids belong to the tropine series, together with atropine and scopolamine. Coca alkaloids are a mix of ecgonines, propynes and hygrines. The derivatives of ecgonine include cocaine (methyl benzoyl ecgonine), methyl ecgonine, benzoyl ecgonine and cinamyl-cocaine. The proteins include tropine and pseudotropine, dihydroxypyne, tropacocaine and benzoyl tropine. The hygrines include hygrine, hygroline and cuscohygroline. The stereoisomers alpha and beta truxilline have also been isolated from coca leaves and the presence of nicotine has been noted. It appears that the leaf also contains insulin, but this has not yet been confirmed Coca’s Natural alkaloids (14): 75mg Ø atropine: dries the respiratory tract Ø benzoine: aids scarring, anti-fermenting Ø cocaine: anaesthetic, analgesic, stimulant Ø cocamine: analgesic Ø conine: powerful anaesthetic Ø quinoline: prevents caries, affects Ca/P Ø ecgonine: metabolizes sugars Ø globulin: cardiac tonic, effective against altitude sickness Ø hygrine: stimulates the salivary glands Ø inuline: equivalent to B12, increases haemoglobin Ø papaine: aids scarring, digestive Ø pectin: absorbent, anti-diarrhoea Ø pyridine: increases cerebral circulation Ø reserpine: reduces arterial hypertension Source - http://aboutcocaleaf.com/

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