Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Programming Yourself for Success in the New Year

Every year, people tell themselves, "this year will be significant, I will resolve to pursue --- goal(s)." Unfortunately, due to a number of potential variables & excuses people manufacture that aren't for their own good, their resolution ends up by the wayside. Why is this? Could there be a reason why their goals for the new year end up sinking like the Titanic? Let's review what it takes to make a goal manifest & soar into reality..

The first step towards setting a goal is to be realistic, but not so realistic that you're beating around the bush. For instance, let's say you are trying to lose some pounds for the new year. Instead of stating bluntly "I want to lose 50 lbs. this year" we will attack the root culprit. So let's rephrase our goal as "I want to reduce my carbohydrate consumption this year so that I can lose weight & become a better father/mother/etc." It is also important to be very specific when stating your goal so you can refine it to where it sticks in your mind and the mind becomes a laser to etch this goal of yours into reality.

The next step towards accomplishing your goal lays in the power of association. So you want to lose weight right? You know that becoming leaner will not only allow you to live a longer and healthier life, but that you will become a better person in general. By the way, as a side note, we are not inferring that everyone should be a specific weight or look like an anorexic Hollywood model, what we are talking about is cases of obesity that can offset good health. So here is where it gets into the science of manifestation...

When we associate with people, images, environments that support our goal, guess what happens? It comes a lot faster than we expected and puts us on cruise control. Are we going to accomplish our goal of losing weight by hanging around people who love eating at buffets? Most likely not. We know that these people will only hinder our goal & make it harder to accomplish.

People don't only have a huge influence on individuals with weaker auras, but images, environment, even music all play a huge role in what goes on in the higher realms. People that are interested in wealth for example, know & understand this concept very well & apply it by hanging up pictures of expensive cars, hundred/thousand/even million dollar bills, big fancy houses, yachts, whatever floats your boat! We need to create an environment that will make our goal a success, so much as to literally create a "shrine" for our idea to manifest. This is literally the process of downloading a simple thought from the mental plane into 3d. Human beings are vices for such an intricate science.

Above all, keep an attitude that allows our feelings to allow us to know that our goal has already been accomplished. Out of all the tips that one can develop for success, this may be the most powerful yet. It allows us not to worry about when, where, or how it will occur and opens up the doors for the universe to bring it to us once we are ready. Opening your heart & soul for success is very important too. The people with the most success are those who program their minds for it.

May this coming year flood you with joy & prosperity,


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