Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marijuana Increases Brain Cell Formation in the Hippocampus

Often times, medical marijuana patients are stigmatized as “stupid” and “lazy.” As insulting as these assumptions may be, marijuana activists have evidence that their medicine actually increases brain activity!


When comparing the positive effects marijuana has on brain activity in comparison to the harmful effects {on brain activity} of both alcohol and tobacco, the legalization of marijuana seems like a NO-BRAINER!

In 2005, Professor Xia Zhang, amongst some of his colleagues at Saskatchewan University, tested a synthetic form of THC (HU210) on a group of test rats to observe the effect that HU210 has on them. Particularly, the study focused on neurogenesis, which is brain cell formation and generation. The rats were given high doses of HU210, the THC-like compound, twice a day & everyday for ten days.

After the ten day study, the THC-like compound increased the rate of brain cell formation in the hippocampus by 40%! The hippocampus is the part of the brain used for memory forming, organizing, and storing. Symptoms of anxiety & depression in the rats also appeared to decrease.

While marijuana has been proven to have positive neurological effects, both tobacco & alcohol related studies show that each substance actually decreases brain cell formation. It is atrocious to think about the substances that the U.S. government allows its’ citizens to consume. Tobacco is literally the only legal product that will actually harm you if you use it correctly.

Why is the government heavily opposing marijuana if it increases the rate of brain cell formation? Well, too many people still think of marijuana users as “stupid” and “lazy.” With such a negative outlook on marijuana users, combined with false ideas they have about the medicine, citizens will unknowingly make judgments about marijuana.

More studies like the one presented above need to be released to the public by the mass. If the public knew the positive effects on marijuana, legalization will come much faster.

Source - http://nugs.com/

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