Friday, November 11, 2011

Secrets of Financial Success

Living in the 21st century, people are always seeking ways to make money. This is a natural inclination, as financial freedom allows us to do the things we always dreamed of in our lives. It can allow us to become a better father/mother, raise a better family, healthier children (organic food costs more), contribute to our society, pursue our desired career, & much much more! Some folks, unfortunately, become stiff necked when money topics are raised. Maybe these people don't have the right belief system to promote wealth & prosperity. Or maybe their religion does not allow financial success. Either way, if money gives you an acrid taste or raises moral issues, this article is not for you..

Since I'm not a financial adviser & have no credentials to recommend any sort of financial coaching, this article is purely opinion based. Its tips & secrets that have helped me over the years gain financial freedom. While these tips may not be practical for everyone, they are certainly useful for people with the required mindset for prosperity. Prosperity requires a certain mindset that not everyone can foster. Let's go over some of the pr-requisites that wealthy people acquire:

  • Wealthy people allow multiple sources of income into their lives, relying on one source of fixed income can be problematic in many ways. Have a regular day time job? If the thought of getting fired sends shivers down your spine, you may want to look into alternative ways to produce regular income & gain financial freedom.
  • Wealth does not occur over night. The only way to gain wealth is by having a system of savings set up. Whether you invest in stocks, bonds, precious metals, or something else, having a regular system of savings is necessary to invest into your retirement plan.
  • Cut out on unnecessary expenses. Look for the highest quality, yet reasonably priced deals that will fit your budget. As food is a huge staple in my personal spending, I always seek out local farmer's markets where I can find the best deals while getting the healthiest food (health is the greatest wealth!)
  • Start investing small portions of time every week feeding a side business that you are passionate about. This can be a music career, art, dancing, journalism, writing, speaking engagement, sports, whatever floats your boat. Make it a priority to earn an income off of what you love. This will not only increase the quality of your life but will allow you to gain more confidence to make your dreams manifest.
  • Never set any limits. The sky is never the limit. If we think across horizontal lines, we will get horizontal patterns. Think vertically & you will attract more prosperity into your life automatically.
  • Read about what wealthy people do! Watch prosperity videos that will guide you in the right direction. "The Secret" is a good example of a documentary that will help to give you a prosperity mindset.
  • Associate with people who are heading in the same direction. If you always associate with people who have financial issues, they will eventually rub off on you. Associate with people who are actively building businesses, creating wealth, & most importantly, attaining freedom from the system.

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