Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 Global Activation

11.11.11 will be the first time the human consciousness has ever encountered such an astrological numerical global synchronization. Each step humanity takes into the future is a step into the unknown. Such a step requires great faith, trust, & love. With discord, disharmony, & bad communication we will drown in distress. This is a global reach towards unification on every level.

Very powerful entities have specifically chosen to incarnate at this precise time to help assist in this global unification. We can act during this time to assist in the outreach of peace, unity, & total liberation by utilizing our talents & gifts we have been bestowed with. The alchemy of transformation is within the ordinance of the microcosm/macrocosm scale. The inner harmony or chaos that we experience within ourselves will automatically be projected in some form or another in the external world. This can oscillate in families, social mediums, relationships, or otherwise. We are taking the responsibility during this great time to assume the energies we emit into the universes.


What's even more intrinsic during this time is that we have the power to change our circumstances in our life if they are not supporting our value/view that we would like to manifest. The secret of manifestation lays within the human mind, yet not everyone possesses the keys to enter this gate. Once we pass through this "sanctuary" we will begin to take on a more vivid, lucid, dream-like life that supports what we wish to dwell in. Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks who have a very "hellish" existence or dream-state life where the answer lays right in front of them, but their belief system will not support such a possibility; thus, they become enslaved in a 3rd dimensional existence and work by the sweat of the brow. For such a date, we must expand our potential of possibilities while inviting the cosmos to work wonders, if not, miracles in our life. The first step towards this gate is gratitude.

The only thing that is for sure is that if we keep doing what we've always done we will get the same result. So we must become more creative, expansive, & less dogmatic about what we allow to float through our dream-state life. The mind is more powerful than any scientist can comprehend and has yet to be mimicked in its action & function. While we are experiencing this expansive energy, we must also be sure to stay rooted & grounded so that we can assist on a terrestrial level as well. If we maintain this balance, we will have no limits & will break the ribbon to infinity.


Once we assemble the balance between the celestial & terrestrial energies we will become a very effective vice for unity in this world. Pure celestial energy is radioactive while exclusive terrestrial energy is repulsive. We must maintain the balance between the two to achieve unity. If we can unite these energies within ourselves & manifest it as an effective instrument for world peace, we have found our calling. This is the activation for 11.11.11.

May infinity bless you within reach,



  1. Wonderful post, I absolutely agree! Happy 11/11/11 day.
    Love and Light

  2. Blessings Cole, glad you liked it!

  3. im a schizophrenic diagnosed lastyeAR, but have seen the ffuture for 11.11 and white spiral energy with andromeda and black hole crashing among us, pink dnk ladder above me and my ex partner...and had vision of sarofice of gold at 11.11....and they held me in a mental hospitasl for 3 months...i dont want pills anymore and im handling and balancing my inner energy and gaining my strenght for a world change...i have a vision...