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                                                                    REAL FOOD THOUGHT

 This post has been generated to clarify many misunderstanding about Monatomics, Monatomic Gold, and ORMUS. As I spoke of before there seems to be a trend taking place with these so-called spiritual instructors that they must find something new to talk about everyday so they have taken to demonizing everything that will assist people in entering higher states of conscious.

This has included MMS, Monatomics, Chakras, and even Meditation itself. It is correct to say that extreme excess, improper application, and incorrect technique of these things may result in side effects but this is common sense.

Too much MMS equals a great deal of trips to the bathroom, so one can follow the instructions on the bottle itself to avoid improper high doses recommended by people attempting to cure full blown diseases. The confusion with Monatomics right now is everyone attempting to use the same name to explain difference types of Monatomics which is highly dependent upon the Alchemist developing the substance.

Incorrect or unbalanced Chakra activation has been known to cause an accompanying imbalance within the applicant but alas this becomes a part of the lesson itself. Many have also heard of the dangers of Kundalini energy that is built up in the meditations such as the Breath of Fire and the results of overloading the body with this energy. So here is the complete knowledge of these substances and there uses throughout history.

Monatomics - Elements having one atom in the molecule. This can be brought about through natural occurrences in nature or through laboratory procedures generally carried out by a chemist. This is where common sense comes in. You can find Monatomics in many places such as volcanic soil, dried up river beds, and even in your own urine. So how all of a sudden does something we have been using naturally for ages and is even produced by our own bodies become a way to keep us from ascending? Simple answer, they are wrong, and confused.

In addition what about elements that are far more harmful than Monatomics such as alcohol? Either someone is attempting to demonize Monatomics or they are confusing Monatomics with another substance.

What you will find in Monatomics is a combination of many trace minerals in there Monatomic state. The minerals are generally much needed within the body as they are seldom found in food and in the normal western diet.

As I have explained in the past certain substance such as Cobalt/B12 the body cannot live without but cannot get from everyday food. In the event the body gets Cobalt it will store it for up to 9 years just to be sure it has the small minute measure it needs to balance you body chemistry. In the event you run out of Cobalt in your body extreme depression ensues even to the point of self termination.

It is the same with many Monatomics listed in this chart, although the symptoms may not be as severe many imbalances in memory, energy, comprehension and much more are caused by deficiencies. So regular Monatomics such as those provided on the Resistance site from Harmonic Innerprises are like advanced daily vitamins containing nutrients that you do not generally ingest daily in a normal lifestyle but your body is in desperate need of.


In conclusion you will find these Monatomics very safe and enhancing with no devastating drawbacks. In addition it is virtually impossible to overdose on this type of Monatomic. The most that you can do is cause a really big headache and some very strange dreams. General administrative directions should be followed.

Monatomic White Gold -This now gets us closer to the controversy and even I have corrected my terminology when referring to Monatomic substances. A general rule of thumb is if the bottle/vial costs less than what the weight of the substance would be in gold than there is no way it can be 99.9% pure Monatomic gold. Gold is $1402 per oz.

The difference you will find with Monatomics and Monatomic White Gold is obvious. One contains various trace minerals in their Monatomic state while the other is pure gold in its Monatomic state. Products such as "Etherium Gold" provided by us contain very small traces of gold, so little it can hardly be considered enough to be categorized as pure Monatomic White Gold.

To explain Monatomic Gold I would have to first explain Gold (play /ˈɡld/). Here is a little secret about gold. Gold is formed from the a supernova nucleosynthesis process. This is basically when a star goes supernova and ejects its particles into another developing planetary system which eventually becomes gold deposits. So it is a fact that Gold comes from stars.

This now gets you closer to why gold at one point was said to be as plentiful as sand in Egypt. Could ingesting pure gold be an act of eating a star? In ancient alchemical treaties it often referred to different types of gold such as Uphaz gold. There was such a difference described in these golds it was said that it would be the greatest integer in determining if whether the Alchemist would be successful in forming the Philosopher's Stone.

Personally I have gone to the end of the Grail quest and I have seen the lies contained within it and how it leads one eventually to, surprise, the Anunakki once again. At this point I have also come to the conclusion that many people professing to be teachers in this field are drones following the mainstream of data being shoveled out to them.

They tend to have very little input that comes from their own experience as they have been following this grail persistently with a group of individuals over time. Generally the one who has the most money finds out the most as they have the ability to travel to the grounds of the Druids and Templars to gather more of the real information.

From the outside looking in it is easy to tell they have remained in their child like phases of stories involving wizards, elves, fairies, castles etc. allowing that to totally blind them from the obvious, which is what those words really mean.The Wizards are Lizards the Elves work for El the Fairies are from the Fire and only the elite class live in Castles high in the caste system.

The entire satanist agenda involves keeping very equipped Beings depending on a father god while they remain in a child like state. In this state they will be abused by the "father" and his representatives "Elves" which is often seen in Catholic churches. Santa = Satan = Saturn = Pa = Pan = Papacy   Satan is Saturn who is El and his servants are Elves. Saturn is Chronos the Father of Time who never changes because he is not subject to Time.

Time is money so people are sacrificing their time (first born) that they should be learning about real life and they miss that course so they return over and over. When that happens generation after generation Time disconnects everyone from their origins as they don't spend Time researching their lineage and talking to the Elders etc. So they have been cut with the scythe of father time the same way the umbilical cord is cut from the child. The growth of the creation at this point is unnatural, the culture "think petri", is unnatural. As the world has problems with money they will have problems with Time and it will be the same, they will run out of both. A conundrum.

The whole agenda was to get the world to speed up by using false "currency" so the current controllers could enjoy the new world as fast as possible. I will be canceling that parade also like new rain.

Time equals change because everything changes in Time this is why during Christmas, the original Saturnalia, the Evergreen trees were used to denote this unchanging ability over time and seasons. Furthermore the Mistletoe was used as an emblem of Saturn because the Mistletoe is actually a parasitic evergreen that lives off other evergreens.

The idea of Monotheism or "One God" removes the God/Spirit from within. Basically when a person thinks there is only one god they also are very clear in understanding that it is not them also simultaneously, thus their power has been removed and they are left vulnerable and dependent. Watch for this.

Forward to Alchemy. So in a nutshell the Alchemist was not just looking for any gold to turn into  Monatomics and ingest, he was in fact looking for a certain kind of gold that could be found scattered about the eastern world. For those that are new to all of this gold cannot be put into the system unless it is in a Monatomic state, other than that it is poisonous. People should also know that the Alchemist were not just turning gold into it's Monatomic state but also metoerites and just about every other element. An element in its first monatomic state gives the person ingesting it the ability to vividly see how the body will react to it. So in effect one is able to use all of its porperties.

I did have an opportunity to speak to Alchemist in Canada who was trained in Germany by a master. He said Monatomics could be made from anything and they often used vegetables, taking them through this process. He said of course it would not have the same effect as Pure Monatomic Gold but it did have an effect. He further went on that blood had even been used as everything could be put in a Monatomic state and ingested for its properties. This is of course were it started to get creepy, but I have grown real tolerant to this kind of stuff in order get the whole story.  By the end of the conversation it was very clear that these "societies" ingest various forms of Monatomics. This version of Monatomics he often referred to as ORMUS and even Quintessence which actually has everything to do with the sickness plaguing our Planet. Quin means 5 or the fifth element. The mighty Quin is the mighty five or Pentagram called Pow or Power. This Being was known as the Quinotaur, or god of the sea fisher and eater of men etc.

So it is clear that the 99.9% pure Monatomic gold involves much more investigation than general Monatomics so we will continue as such to the effects of ingesting pure gold. It is clear that gold is one of the best conductors and this led to major demarcations between Monatomic Gold and "Charged" Monatomic Gold.

The difference is Monatomic Gold will give the body the overall properties of gold conductivity over time, however, charged Monatomic Gold instantly transforms the Ph balance of the body thrusting the person into the gold frequency. Welcome to the danger zone.

Now this whole approach to high spirituality causally is a western thing. Ignorance at times gives one the advantage of not being afraid, that is until they are face to face with the unexpected. The unexpected does not just fade in and out with charged Monatomic Gold and even pure Monatomic Gold when used over a prolong period of time. One is now in the dimension or frequency of the Adepts and there is no demarcation for the good ones and the bad ones, that is for children.

Put very simply pure Monatomic gold whether normal or charged should not be used as a method of gaining higher spiritual awareness. It is rather a tool for those that are already spiritually equipped and aware of the pitfalls of being on another plane with Adepts many of whom have no "physical" residence. I will explain how many of these gold eaters are in the astral plane without physical bodies.

There is something about the whole spiritual experience that truly responds to a person based on how they approach it, it "reads" them beforehand. It will entertain any person but their experience will be tailored just for them. This is why so many people have failed when using cockiness and ignorance while approaching the subject.

There are enough dark Beings on the left sphere of Saturn to take any self proclaimed wanna be evil person for a long ride that they will never forget, or more correctly never remember. So there is a major part of this that requires a person remain free of all inclinations that this knowledge will get them rich and allow them to control everyone with mystical power.

What we are seeing is that there is a huge part of the ideas around taking 99.9% pure Monatomic gold and getting on the spiritual plane that is birthed from other ideas of cheating the pure ascension process. Those kind of ideas land one in in the sphere explain in this excerpt.

This is the warning that some are just beginning to innerstand. This is about the errors that come with using the spiritual knowledge for evil plans, whoever does this the jokes on them. "The March Hare Tricks the April Fool."


Now we have come to the meat of the subject behind all the conspiracy and fear mongering behind Monatomics and its confusion with ORMUS. Like I said,many people are throwing these terms around but its very clear they have little innerstanding of the occult nature to things and just how encrypted it really is. These high levels of encryptions were invented with diligence to avoid the counterfeiting of the first bank notes issued by the Knights of Solomon.

Decoded - Interest = Enter SET

Allow me to enlighten you a little on who ORMUS is. The Priory of Sion, those in charge of preserving the Merovingian Bloodline, selected a new Grand Master, a Jean de Gisors who in turn adopted the title ORMUS written with the (M) symbol of Virgo and all its various connections with Ichthys fish, visica's, 13th letter of the alphabet etc.

Ormus was in fact an Egyptian sage from Alexandria who in A.D. 46 created the "Order de la Rose-Croix Veritas". The Order of the Rose Cross. Orm is french for Elm and Babylonian for worm or serpent. The entire clan faced treachery on Friday the 13th in France which is why that date is considered taboo as many words were uttered that day of revenge against the Papacy who basically saw an opportunity to take over the whole Pi and made a move since they are all squabbling within the ranks but still are all ruled over by one twisted being they call father. No matter we will deal with him first.

I want to notify everyone now that the only thing keeping me from giving you all of the information about everything is the shear time, energy, and resources I have. I tire of continuously asking people to donate so this research can continue so I'm now delegating that to someone who wants to take that responsibility. People keep emailing me and getting in touch with me saying they are going to do something but time has past and they have done nothing but everyday I'm doing this for you.

Daily I scan the internet and I find very little cohesive information about what is taking place but when I see the Resistance I see all of the scattered information put together and made comprehensive as much as can really be done.  Do not let such a precious resource fail because of selfishness, neglect, and greed. We are asking for help, we have assisted humanity and will continue until we can no longer do it on this level. Please innerstand what it takes to bring this knowledge to the forefront and all the energies that wish it not to be so that I have to deflect daily. Yes money is the problem but Alchemy teaches a small part of the poison becomes the antidote. A small amount of currency compared to what this world has misused, channeled in the proper direction will bring change. All these words indicate so, follow the clues, We are so close.

Post Script:

As far as the Priory of Sion and the Monatomics they ingested you got a hint of it above but it could be as vast as the periodic table itself. In their retinue they have their fathers of Science and many known Nazi's I might add.

Jean de Gisors (1188–1220)
Marie de Saint-Clair (1220–1266)
Guillaume de Gisors (1266–1307)
Edouard de Bar (1307–1336)
Jeanne de Bar (1336–1351)
Jean de Saint-Clair (1351–1366)
Blanche d'Evreux (1366–1398)
Nicolas Flamel (1398–1418)
René d'Anjou (1418–1480)
Iolande de Bar (1480–1483)
Sandro Filipepi (1483–1510)
Léonard de Vinci (1510–1519)
Connétable de Bourbon (1519–1527)
Ferdinand de Gonzague (1527–1575)
Louis de Nevers (1575–1595)
Robert Fludd (1595–1637)
J. Valentin Andrea (1637–1654)
Robert Boyle (1654–1691)
Isaac Newton (1691–1727)
Charles Radclyffe (1727–1746)
Charles de Lorraine (1746–1780)
Maximilian de Lorraine (1780–1801)
Charles Nodier (1801–1844)
Victor Hugo (1844–1885)
Claude Debussy (1885–1918)
Jean Cocteau (1918–1963)

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