Thursday, September 15, 2011

Medicinal Uses of Calendula

Calendula is not one of the major medicinal herbs, but it does have its place in the medicine cabinet. The petals or leaves can be used in a Tea to induce sweating, promote menstruation, increase urination, relieve stomach cramps, indigestion and stomachaches, and for relief from flu and fevers.

Externally, Calendula flowers and leaves can be made into an Ointment or powder for a variety of common skin ailments, including cuts, scrapes, abrasions, scalds, blisters, acne, rashes (including diaper rash), chicken pox outbreaks, and athlete's foot. For bee stings, rub the fresh flowers directly on the sting to relieve the pain.

A powder for external uses can be made by drying Calendula flowers (See Calendula), then grinding and mixing them with cornstarch or talc.

As a beauty aid, a Calendula rinse made of unsweetened tea brings out the highlights in blonde and brunette hair. Also try running bath water over a mesh bag full of Calendula flowers for a refreshing and stimulating bath that is good for the skin.

Calendula flowers or leaves can be dried and used in capsule form for situations in which it is inconvenient to make a tea for internal use. Please see How to Make Herbal Capsules for more information.

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