Sunday, September 18, 2011

Discover Desert Ginseng - Cistanche's Health Benefits

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a strong focus on alot of herbal remedies and it deals with balance of the Ying / Yang energies. In this system of medicine, the kidneys are a powerful source of spiritual energy. Even in modern science the kidneys play a particularly important role in both physical and mental health; they help rid our bodies of toxins. Our kidneys filter out potentially problematic chemicals from our body, and when working properly, preserve the levels of our brains 'pleasure hormone' - Dopamine.

In chinese medicine, if the kidneys are not functionally intact, there are herbs well-known to restore kidney function. The main herb in traditional chinese medicine for kidneys is - Cistanche Deserticola. Cistanche is an herb native to chinese deserts, and remote deserts in africa. Studies show cistanche definetly improves and tones the kidney function, and protects the organs from oxidative damage. Some compounds in the plant are anti-oxidants, and have anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, cistanche can protect our cells and relieve pain. It is identified that cistanche has some very potent pro-sexual properties. Cistanche improves both male/female sex drive, especially during stress. Cistanche improves the stress response, helping us to adapt to tragedy and unexpected alterations in our daily lives.

Cistanche has, a unique property, to help the body assimilate and utilize oxygen. Cistanche can improve memory, especially in the elderly. Cistanche improves brain health by supporting oxygen delivery to brain cells and protecting brain cells from radiation interference. Cistanche can memory and other vital brain functions, during intense stress.

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