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Palo Santo Testimonials and Uses

Palo Santo Oil with testimonialsAnalysis of Palo Santo oil reveals that it contains high levels of limonene, a monoterpene compound that has been found to have chemo-preventive and chemo-therapeutic effects against several types of cancer. In medical aromatherapy the oil can be used as an anxiolytic agent that counteracts panic attacks and anxiety, a respiratory remedy for cough, colds, and asthma, for headaches and migraines, and in massage therapy for pain and inflammation of the muscles and joints. In spiritual aromatherapy it can be beneficial for meditation, Palo Santo- Bursera graveolens Similar to frankincense, grows in
northern part of
Ecuador but they just also found some in the
southern part. The tree produces oil the whole time it is alive,
but when it dies it goes in to the heartwood. The tree is protected, but they have permission to harvest the dead ones.Palo Santo is anti-viral and anti-tumerol, great for acne—————————————————————

Papers were sent in for publishing on Palo Santo on 2/17/2006

Joy Linsley’s notes from
Chicago meeting 2/21/2006

Palo Santo has high levels of limonene – approximately 75%. Also
has alpha-pinenes.
He found Palo Santo growing in
Southern Ecuador; they are
different trees from the Northern, which was similar to
Frankincense resin.

He distills from dead wood on the ground. When the tree dies,
resin goes to the hardwood-regarded as-holy wood.

Analysis from Southern tree: grows 15-20 feet in 2 years. He got a
permit to start reforestation.

Testimonial from Nathan Peachy: He brought Palo Santo back from
his trip to Ecuador with
Gary, and worked on a man who had been in
a wheelchair for a year or two. He did a Raindrop with Palo Santo,
and the man got out of his wheelchair – on the spot!

Emily Wright, from YL Corporate, has a son who was kicked in the
face by a horse, and had severe damage to his face and jaws. Had
to have his jaws wired together. They were told it would be some
time (was it 6 weeks or 6 months?) before they could be removed.

Gary asked her to rub Palo Santo on his jaws 3 times a day, and
the wires were removed in 3 weeks!!

Gary is looking at a new combo: Palo Santo with Frankincense and
Idaho Balsam Fir!!!
What a powerhouse that will be!

Someone who had serious acne and had used
Melrose, Frankincense,
and Lavender to no avail, used Palo Santo and it cleared!

Joy Lindsey’s Notes NY meeting Apr 8

Palo Santo (Bursara graveolens) – has Limonene – 62 – 68%, first
used this oil in December 2005.
Gary found 2 types of Palo Santo:
Ecuador had the white bark, large, heavy trunk and So.
produced a red bark tree that gave twice the oil (salty air
changes the wood).

Shows picture of Palo Santo tree – very twisty – Like
Frankincense. To ‘harvest’ Palo Santo oil, the tree must be dead
and be left lying on the ground for a minimum of 2 years. The
Palo Santo found most beneficial is from the So. Area of
This is the red one – ‘bleeds’ when cut. It has a limonene
content of 62-68% – very high for a tree. There is a study from

Tokyo showing it has 70% success in reducing cancer. i.e. Young
Living products are ‘loved’ in
Japan – as here – and they’ve also
been researching with our newly distilled oil!
Gary will have the
first paper ever published on Palo Santo.

Ingredients in Palo Santo are similar to Sandalwood.
62-68% limonene content: reverses 7 cancer lines.

Palo Santo has been shown to help with depression,
stop cancer from growing. Using a combination of Palo Santo &
Frankincense for pain & for bone rejuvanation (including Idaho
Balsam Fir) will shorten recuperation time.

Put 1 Drop of Palo Santo on a person, which cured his

Combine Frankincense with Palo Santo for pain relief,
emotional release, spinal stenosis.

Gary in SL

New oil
Gary is working with is called Pal Santo (holy wood, or
holy branch….similar to Frankincense and his research is exciting
on bone regeneration and cancer. Should be introduced at

We all know Palo Santo is a new oil from Ecuador that
Gary has been working with and
distilling. The past few days we have shared with you other peoples experiences using this oil. We appreciate this and so does Young Living. Why? Because it is so new both Young Living and distributors and we are all trying to figure out the many benefits of Palo Santo. If you have been using this oil and choose to share your testimonial and experiences, please email them to us, so we can share with our team members and Young Living.

Shauna writes:

This oils seems to be helping the joint discomfort in my knees.

Shauna Dastrup

Anna writes:


I’m using this for just about every thing but my most impressive use was for bad sinus headache. None of my usual oil treatments had worked. Within a minute or two after putting on my temples and the back of my head , my pain was gone.

Another interesting thing happened when I was using it on my hands while doing a treatment on a friend. Another friend was observing who sees energy, colors, etc. I had not told them what it was. After I finished she said the energy field was a deep indigo blue and that the only word she could think of to describe it was “holy”. She said “it’s almost as if the angels are singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy””. They both ordered a bottle.
Anna Scott


Paula writes:

I also have Post Polio Syndrome, which keeps you in you in some form of pain at all time. I’m out of my Palo Santo because I’ve used up all the bottles I bought at Conference. This is good stuff.

Paula Siglock

While we’re discussing the exciting new oil, Palo Santo, we’ll pass along this testimonial

from Debra Rayburn:

Palo Santo and Blisters

During the recent Young Living Convention, a new oil from
Ecuador was introduced – Palo Santo.

As more is learned, I’m sure more testimonies will come in for this, but here is what happened in our family.

My 16 year old daughter takes ballroom dance lessons and is on her feet in high heeled dance shoes for two or more hours non stop during class. No resting – just fancy footwork all the time.
Last week she took off her shoes and there was a blister the size of a large green pea on the bottom ball of her foot. We usually use Lavender and Frankincense and by morning any blister is gone.

But this time she decided to reach for Palo Santo and dropped one drop on the blister. I kid you not – we watched as the blister simply disappeared in less than 30 seconds. We both looked at each other in sheer amazement. She will now carry Palo Santo with her to dance class!!

Order your very own bottle today. Distributors wholesale price is $ 24.75 Customer price is $30.69

Code # 3607 So little cost for an oil with so much power.

Debra Raybern, ND, MH, CNC

Palo Santo and Tendonitis

Hello Fellow Oilers,

I just got this Palo Santo testimonial from one of my clients who is
an “occasional oiler.” I picked up a bottle of Palo Santo for him at
convention last week. He asked me to share his testimonial with
anyone who might be interested, so feel free to share with your
downline or whomever. WOW!
Darby Line in NJ

“About 7 months ago, I started experiencing pain all around my left
knee a few days after I went skiing. Since I’d never before experienced
chronic body pain, I assumed it would go away. After about a month,
it still hadn’t passed, so I tried using PanAway. If anything, the added
“heat” from applying PanAway aggravated the knee.

So I stopped using any oils and would occasionally take an ibuprofen
after long walks or time on my feet. I became more conscious of how I
was using the knee and I avoided any positions or activities which I
thought might hurt it. Regardless, the pain persisted. After another
couple months, I went to see my primary physician, who told me I had
tendonitis, which had likely been aggravated by the skiing. I was told
not to do any stretching exercises (which meant discontinuing daily yoga),
but that I should start swimming and/or using a recumbent bicycle, to
“retrain” the ligaments and tendons into proper alignment. She explained
to me that otherwise, the ligaments and tendons would build up
compensatory scar tissue in a misaligned fashion. Well, I didn’t have a
pool or a bike, and though I finally bought a bike, I have yet to use it.

Fast forward another few months. A couple of days ago, I bought a bottle
of Palo Santo, which is an essential oil of a South American tree commonly
known as “Holy Wood.” Within a few minutes after applying the oil, the
constant pain I was experiencing disappeared. I applied the oil one more time, the next day, just for good measure. Four days later, I’m happy and amazed to report that the pain hasn’t reappeared. There’s still sensitivity if I stretch the knee at oblique angles, but all of the chronic pain is gone. Wow! I always read testimonials with a degree of skepticism. This was no “miracle cure for cancer” or the like, but I would strongly recommend that folks with tendonitis give Palo Santo a try. I’ll report back in a week or two.

Palo Santo and Pain from Severe Injury causing Paralysis

Jolene McCann wrote us about her friend, Taylor Hyman from NC who had
suffered a C6 injury from a bicycle accident two years ago, which has left her paralyzed from the waist down, and in much pain. Jolene said the only thing that seemed to alleviate the pain was Palo Santo, and they were using it very sparingly, after getting the sample bottles when Gary gave his
New York seminar.

She sent out a plea for additional bottles, so I sent mine, as did Richard and Shauna Dastrup (perhaps others), and I received a beautiful letter from
Taylor, referring to it as “this miraculous oil,” and she wrote it was “supporting my health promotion, maintenance, and continued healing.”

We are so grateful that Gary has followed his guidance to go to
Ecuador, and is discovering so many new herbs, and powerful oils. There are no accidents.

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