Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The True Cause of Dis-ease

The true cause of suffering, in physical terms, has an explanation if you are willing to take the time to learn & study its patterns & behaviors. Behind every symptom is a cause. In this article, we will take the time to grasp some of the roots that can lead to disease in the physical body. While it may attempt to cover a vast majority, there are always exceptions & rare cases where certain factors may prove untrue in unique circumstances. Lets take a look.

Today, many still believe that germs are the actual cause of disease. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While germs have a minute role in certain infectious diseases, their role is limited & overpowered by healthy immune response. Germs, unfortunately, have become a scapegoat tactic used by the medical authority, to make people believe that they are not in control of their own health, much in the same way as genetics. If this were true, nobody would be able to live in a civilization, in which we are bombarded with all types of microbes on a second to second to basis. Thankfully, our immune systems have adapted over time & can recognize & defeat these germs on a cellular battlefield.

So lets spell out some reasons that people are experiencing ill health concerns. There are two general types of diseases: acute disease & degenerative disease. The first is not a big concern and usually out ruled by healthy immune response, rest, & proper supervision. The second however, is more of a plague to our society, due to the lack of knowledge & care. Most degenerative diseases are highly preventable granted we take proper supervision.

If we wish to avoid both types of disease in our lifetime, we will have to make some changes, some small & some more profound. Its up to the individual what type of life they'd like to live. One type of individual doesn't pay much attention at all to their health needs & relies on the allopathic medical system when something in their body fails or breaks down. The other type however, lives a life of prophylactic care, where they take preventative means to stay in good health & avoid health destroying habits. The former is where will invest the time & means to discuss here.

The first step we can take to prolong our lifespan is to look at out daily habits: are they allowing us to live a life full of health & happiness, or leading us towards destruction & to the grave quicker? While many people think that they are doing good for themselves (with good intentions), due to misinformation & propaganda, they actually may be doing the opposite. A good example is brushing ones teeth. While the act of brushing teeth may be healthy, using fluoridated toothpaste is not a good option at all, due to the numerous side effects associated with it. There are tons of small, yet extremely important details like such that we will not cover in this article, but play a huge role in health & longevity. Even if one eats a diet with lots of organic foods & takes necessary strides towards health, a simple mistake such as using fluoridated toothpaste can make one end up with a brain, liver, or bone cancer amongst the least of its side effects.*

To educate yourself on how you can avoid the many health destroying substances found in our food, water, & civilization in general, I highly recommend Kevin Trudeau's book:

Kevin is a best selling author, host of his own radio show, & has appeared on many TV shows. I find his book one of the best "introductions" to avoiding harmful chemical in our food supply. It makes a great gift to a loved one or family member that you truly care about by giving them the gift of health.

Now that we've gotten an overview on how people think about their health, let's see what we can do, now that we know that the power is in our own hands. Educating yourself & taking the necessary precautions goes a long way in preserving ones health. We want to live long, so we can complete our goals in life, see our grandchildren grow up, & do all that we wish to do. This is where health sciences come into play. Diet is a big factor that goes into play, so lets see what we can do to improve our diet to keep us in great health.

Due to various misconceptions in the health arena, many people have been scared away from whats really healthy & have gotten hooked on unhealthy "foods". A good example is margarine. Before margarine was introduced into the food supply, heart disease was a rare occurrence. Now its hard to find someone who doesn't suffer or worry about it. We hear, "my father died of a heart attack, so I am at risk." Is this true or is it a factor in the development of their disease? Well, its both. Yes, someone whose father had heart concerns will most likely develop it too, that is, unless they deactivate those genes that cause it. How does one deactivate a gene? Genes only appear when we feed them what they need to survives & can be turned on & off just like light bulb if we take the necessary precautions. Someone who has heart disease in their family would do well by eliminating margarine & vegetable oils while replacing them with extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil (cold pressed), hempseed oil, etc. They would also benefit by taking certain herbs such as turmeric, arjuna, hawthorn, etc. provided they are not taking any medications yet. For someone who is on medications, they can wean off of them by taking Kyolic garlic liquid extracts & eating a vegetarian diet for the time being with a doctor's supervision. Statin drugs actually cause the same disease that they are supposed to prevent. Since they deplete co enzyme Q-10 & vitamin D levels in the heart & liver, they can actually weaken the heart & make one more susceptible to the disease.

Medications should be avoided by all means, & natural alternatives should be sought out for those who have degenerative diseases. Remember, nobody contracts a degenerative disease such as cancer or diabetes; it's lifestyle that determines your outcome. The saying is, "Genes load the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger." Someone with diabetes has consumes excessive carbohydrates/sugar their whole life to manifest such a disease. We won't have the time to outline every disease & it's cause, but we will provide a general outline to adhere to for maintaining optimal health. Here are the 7 prerequisites to diseases.

1. Standard American Diet aka "S.A.D." This dietary disaster is the cause of more deaths than just about anything except that of iatrogenic origin (caused by correctly prescribed drugs - the #1 cause of death in America). We all know that the food in America causes obesity, Alzheimer's, ADD/ADHD, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and a whole list of unfavorable conditions. We will not expand on this subject any further.

2. Stress - Causes cortisol levels to surge to unnatural levels causing inflammation all throughout the body which in turn leads to degeneration & premature death of healthy cells.

3. Beliefs - Believe it or not, whatever "seeds" you hold consciously or unconsciously have a profound impact on their manifestation. Elvis Presley believed that he would die at the same age as his dad and he did. The same thing happened to a former US president who believed that he would die of a heart attack as his father did, and he did as well. Beliefs are a very powerful force that can either build us up or destroy us, so think consciously & free yourself from thoughts that don't do you any good.

4. Toxins - Intracellular toxins mutate our DNA. The famed scientist Alexis Carrel stated, "The cell is immortal; it is merely the fluid surrounding the cell that degenerates, replace this fluid and life may go on forever". Take time to see what toxins you may be accumulating through your lifestyle and/or environment & take the necessary means to get on a high quality detoxification program to relieve your body of this stress.

5. Thoughts - Similar to beliefs, the thoughts can be compared as the television screen and the beliefs are the fundamental show that you are watching, or, idea(s) that you entertain. Thoughts have the power to either heal or hurt us. Used correctly, thoughts can strengthen our aura & even those around us. Thoughts have even been shown to alkalize or acidify us, which we will discuss next.

6. Body ph - As stated before, germs have no real play in the body unless they have a suitable environment to hang out in. Louis Pasteur (the same guy that invented pasteurization) admitted towards the end of his life, that the germs are not the real cause of disease, but rather the terrain. With this in mind, by keeping our cellular terrain clean & healthy, we will automatically be preventing disease. People wash the outside of their body but forget to do so inside. If you eat Lay's potato chips, wash your hands frequently with sterilizing soap that destroys healthy bacteria on your skin (part if your immune system), ejaculate a lot, & watch television, your are surely on the road to destruction & will end up in the grave prematurely.

7. Energy - You either accumulate energy in a lifetime or lose it. By maintaining positive habits, eating a clean diet, fresh foods, exercise, avoiding toxic chemicals, avoid wasting any of the body's 3 treasures, and so on, health will be assured in your lifetime as well future in generations to come.


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