Tuesday, June 28, 2011


“Is the Human brain, at some primal level a wondrous computer

linked with a universal energy field, that knows far more than it

knows it knows?”

---E. Whalen

The most important skill we can develop is the ability to

identify and release unwelcome thoughts and emotions from our

mind and body. Once we understand that our thoughts and beliefs

are creating our reality, it is common to become afraid of our negative thoughts.

We want to clear on negative beliefs that keep popping up

like, “I never have enough money,” “I am not good enough,” or “I

need to lose weight.” Of course you have your own personal

negative beliefs you want to clear. Understand this: the act of

clearing out these self-defeating beliefs is one of the most

empowering practices we can do. Without these negative thoughts

running rampant in our minds, we will start attracting the life we

truly desire.

The negative programs, thoughts and beliefs we hold

actually start to drain our energy and create physical problems.

Most people carry around these negative emotions for years

without being aware that they are contributing to many of the

problems and diseases they are experiencing today. It is to our

benefit to clear out these self-defeating thoughts, much like

clearing the clutter from our home. When we practice tapping we

will start to feel lighter and happier. As a result, Divine ideas will

start to come and delight us.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code, states,

“Intention is a powerful form of thought-energy. It is possible

to release trapped emotions using the power of your intention

alone. I believe that the intention to release the trapped

emotion is really the most important part of the equation.”

There is a very effective technique I call “third eye

releasing.” We are going to use the energy meridian of the third

eye and strong intention to release. Remember, setting the intention

to release a negative emotion actually helps to release it. Simply

place your pointer finger over the middle of your forehead when a

negative belief or thought occurs. While you are pressing on this

point, cradle the back of your head. Now hold the unpleasant

thought in your mind while really feeling this thought. Set the

intention to release this negative emotion from every part of your

body and mind. Say to yourself:

“I now ask God and my angels to help me release this

feeling from every cell in my body, mind and spirit. I know at one

time I created and resonated with this. I no longer create or

resonate with this. I ask to forgive myself or anyone involved. I ask

that anyone I hurt forgive me. Once the heavy feeling subsides, see

yourself vibrantly happy and abundant. Go into details of how

great things will be now and see things the way you want them.

Now, say aloud or to yourself, “I integrate this healing and clearing

in all of my mind, body and world now.”

You may now release your third eye hold. Take a deep

breath and just relax. Take a drink of water. This clears stuck

negative emotions very effectively, leaving room for something

better. We all have some deep negative emotions that are universal

and need to be cleared on. Here are some for us to clear on. You

will have your own; listen for them. Examples include:

I am not worthy.

I do not deserve to be happy.

I am not safe.

It is too much work to be healthy and attractive.

I bother people.

People do not have time for me.

There is not enough money to go around.

Also clear on the universal feeling of body shame.

These are just some of the universal fears that are in the

collective consciousness. When we notice any bubbling up in us,

we can become conscious, clear them and watch our life become

more fulfilling. A word about all the releasing techniques presented

here. There is no way of knowing how many times we may need to
do these in order to feel relief. Just have patience, keep practicing,

and know you will feel better soon.

Kim Caldwell

Activate Your Abundance

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