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The Many Health Benefits of Skin Brushing


Article from How Green Smoothies Saved My Life by Kim Caldwell

I first learned about dry skin brushing in Dr. Paavo

Airola’s informative book How to Keep Slim, Healthy and

Young with Juice Fasting.

Please do not underestimate the results you will get

from the simple act of dry skin brushing. Dry skin

brushing is a quick, invigorating and easy process that

will enhance your vitality and well-being. Once you get

used to doing it, you will be able to brush your skin as

quickly and easily as brushing your teeth. It is amazing

how good it will make you feel.

When you start adding all of these wonderful Green

Smoothies and raw fruits and vegetables to your diet,

your body will naturally get rid of a lot of old buildup. If

you are dry brushing your skin at least once a day, you

will barely notice your body cleaning house.

What benefits can you expect from skin brushing?

The most important result skin brushing offers is that it

stimulates your lymph and glandular system, which is

essential for feeling your best. This revitalizing technique

will tune up your whole system. It gives you glowing skin

in as little as a week. It will help diminish cellulite. Dry

skin patches will disappear. Rough, dry feet and elbows

will become much softer and appear more youthful. Dry

skin brushing stimulates the oil producing glands, which

will moisturize your skin naturally. You will also

experience much better digestion when you skin brush.

This adds up to feeling amazing and refreshed, all from

this one little habit that takes only a few minutes a day.

Your old skin cells are constantly dying off and new

ones are being born. This turnover is enhanced when

you brush off the old, dead skin. The new, healthy skin

underneath will glow. People who skin brush can expect

to look 10 to 15 years younger.

It is important to understand that when you start

cleaning up your diet and drinking Green Smoothies,

your body will ease through any detoxification if it is

given adequate elimination. Your skin is the biggest

organ of elimination, and dry brushing is the finest way

to assist in eliminating waste. This is why it is so

important that you give dry skin brushing a try.

My personal experience with skin brushing is that it

makes me feel refreshed. Over the last five years, I have

skin brushed off and on. I always feel much better when

I skin brush. My whole system feels much stronger. It

even lifts my mood. It is my belief that skin brushing is

central to feeling your best. It is well worth your time

and effort to give dry skin brushing a good try for at least

a month.

Here is how to dry skin brush. Use a natural bristle

brush. You can purchase one at your local health food

store or at any bath and body product supplier. Be sure

to ask for a brush that is specifically used for skin

brushing. The natural bristles have a light wheat color.

The brushes come with long or short wooden handles.

Pick the one you feel most comfortable with. It is

important to get a natural fiber brush that feels brisk on

your skin; you will just brush softly until you get used to


The perfect time to body brush is first thing in the

morning and right before you go to bed. If it is

convenient, it is a good idea to body brush before your

daily shower or bath, but it is not necessary. This way

you will remove any skin that the dry brushing loosened

up with your shower.

To skin brush, simply take your natural bristle brush

and start brushing the front and back of your hands in

quick light strokes. Always move the brush toward the

heart. Next, move up the arms with long strokes. Brush

your shoulders and the neck gently. Pay special

attention to your underarms, as there are many glands

located in this area. The glands in our underarms benefit

greatly by a gentle skin brushing. Brush both arms all

over, moving toward the heart. Now brush the tops and

bottoms of your feet, moving up your calves and thighs

with long strokes. Brush the front and back of your legs.

Brush your bottom. Brush the back of your knees, as

they also have many glands that benefit from skin

brushing. The next step is to brush the belly. Continue to

brush up toward the heart. Brush the chest area gently.

Then brush your back. These are just general guidelines.

I encourage you to create a skin brushing regimen that

feels best to you.

When you first start skin brushing, you need to brush

very gently. The longer you brush, the better your skin

will adjust to it. Like anything else “practice makes

perfect.” Go at your own pace, taking time to ensure

your body enjoys the process. Please skin brush

mindfully and with love. Make it a pleasure. Your whole

body will benefit.

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