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How to Upgrade Your Personal Kompiter

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Today I wish to discuss how we can upgrade our personal computer, that is, the most complex tool in the Uni-Verse that is located right between our head: our cerebral cortex. The brain is such a delicate & intricate organ, that without it, there would be no function in the constitution of a human being. It is what allows us to communicate, to see, to feel, to be. It sends messages to every cell & organ in our body & allows us to perform our function in the Cosmos, that is, to store & retrieve information & act as living biological library for the galaxies. We are that which performs this function, yet many of us are not aware of it, yet that very organ still operates & performs it's vital functions throughout the body while the human organism strides unconsciously in daily activities.

What is it, that gives Geniuses like Albert Einstein, or Thomas Edison their supernatural intellect? Could it be their genes? Could it be their lifestyle? Or could it be a combination of them all, with the addition of factor X, that is, their brain voltage. In the scientific community, it is well known that the human body operates by electricity, on many levels, especially in the cells. Without this bio-electricity death is inevitable. Electricity is what gives birth to life. Without it, we would remain a pile of carbon & minerals, without any organizational structure. Since we have a limited influence on our genes & may be able to alter certain lifestyle choices, our best bet is to accumulate the factor X with the following principles which will be listed below...

Cultivating Bio-Electricity ~ How to Upgrade Your Personal Kompiter:

1. The first step to building up your brain fuse is to immediately eliminate the factors that diminish it. Factors as such would include: high fructose corn syrup (mercury), diet soda (aspartame), junk foods (fast foods, processed foods, pops/sodas, hot dogs, white bread, and any other food that is devoid of nutritional value.

2. The second step, is to place yourself in a position that will allow you to accumulate this powerful energy. If you are a person who works in a sterile white work office, nearby computers, cell phones, & other EMF producing technologies, you must take extra caution to avoid these energy depleting factors. Sleep deprivation is an obvious energy depleting factor and wreaks havoc on the mind. An energy depleted individual will never be able to accumulate this energy, since there is always a void within that person. Filling the void will take time & dedication, it will take perseverance to eliminate the energy depleting lifestyle factors and will also take a strong attitude to accomplish all of this.

3. The third factor is to start accumulating energy. This can be done in many ways. Some examples would be energy or chi (Prana) building exercises such as: tai chi, pranayama, qigong, meditation, yoga (especially Kundalini yoga with extra caution), & many others. What these will do is allow the biological entity to get out of energy debt, adrenal exhaustion, & general downward spirals.These exercises allows us to evolve upwards, towards our higher self. If done regularly, tremendous benefits will be obtained.

4. Another overlooked factor is good nutrition. A nutrient deprived body can in no way function as well as a body that is chock full of nutrition. The brain requires copius amounts of magnesium (raw cacao, pumpkin seeds, cashews, kale, etc.), B vitamins (bee pollen), enzymes (raw foods), & soil based organisms to function on a higher level. Getting back to the roots, our body thrives on organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, tuberous vegetables, sprouts, & other plant foods. Foods from the vegetable kingdom, in general, raise our consciousness & cellular vibration. Foods from the animal kingdom generally lower our consciousness (with the exception of high quality grass-fed dairy products - a very sattvic food in the Ayurvedic medicine system). Ayurveda, that is, the science of life, expounds on the use of flesh foods as "tamasic" which means that they are stimulating in nature and bring our energy to the lower chakras. This is in no way beneficial for our spirituality and for most Americans, this means aggression, ignorance, ego, & pride: the pity of our salvation. By giving up these tamasic foods, we will regain our sense of clarity & purpose in this world. Miracles happen by living according to our bodies' design.

5. Herbal magic: this is where the fun begins, as we can dance in the midst of Nature's plant magick. Nature has designed such complicated chemical compounds, by means of Her herbal pharmacy, that not even our modern scientists have come even close to decoding all of them. We know that there are alkaloids, polyphenols, bioflavanoids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc, in plants, but this is such a small fraction of whats available in plants' constituent chemistry. The most advanced way to dive into the depth of Nature's complexity is to experience it yourself, by walking through the woods (or whatever biome you may live in) and trying it yourself. Nothing competes with the experience of walking through a forest, guided by your heart and finding your own medicine/food. This is truly a powerful experience that led me to higher & more advanced practices, yet it was my initiation into the vast ocean of infinite consciousness. So, let's get to the basics:

  • In order to have a beautiful brain, we need to supply it with the basic necessities. Silica is a bio-conductor that allows our cells to conduct electricity. Without it, our body does not function as good, thus we become dull & lifeless. One of the best sources of silica is horsetail. Interestingly enough, it is said to be a great brain tonic. I recently gathered a bunch of wild horsetail in my local area and am looking forward to making a nutritious tea from it! Nettles, oatstraw, & some vegetables such as kale & tomatoes also supply small amounts of silica.
  • Schizandra - one of the best overall tonic herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works on the 5 elements, which makes it a beneficial herb for every organ in the body. It also contains the 3 treasures (jing, chi, shen) which makes it an even more powerful tonic! It is said to be very good for Alzheimer's disease & is one of the best tonic herbs to keep our brain young & healthy.
  • Green tea - one of the best in terms of brain growth & expansion. Green tea contains a non-essential amino acid called l-theanine (which I beg to differ and consider it an essential amino acid) which is a powerful nootropic which means it protects our brain cells from free radical damage (EMFs, alcohol, cell phone/radiation exposure, toxins, lack of oxygen, poor diet, lack of exercise, etc.)
  • Turmeric - another great herb for Alzheimer's disease. Great for reducing plaque deposits in the brain. Good for just about everything from cancer prevention to weight control.
  • Mucuna pruriens - another Ayurvedic herb coming from India (like turmeric). Contains l-dopamine which makes it very beneficial for those suffering from Parkinson's disease. Also contains chemicals such as 5-HTP (aka "herbal ecstasy", DMT (a chemical released by the pineal gland during sleep & at the moment of death), nicotine (an antioxidant that is beneficial for some neuro-degenerative diseases).*
  • Solomon's seal - a very mystical plant growing in the area of my residence in the Appalachian Mountains, it bears a fruit that is said to be inedible, in contrast to its relative false Solomon's seal which grows in more abundance and produces an edible fruit that one may ingest in small quantities (due to its alkaloid content). It is said to be a gentle restorative to the mind after overwork/excessive stress. Very good for the bones & skeleton.
  • Brahmi - aka "bacopa" is probably the most valuable herb that anyone can start using to benefit their brain health from this article. It basically works by restoring the neurons in the synapse of our brain & nervous system. I like to think of it in this manner: the Yogis of India say that for every cell in our brain that there is a star in the galaxy. So for every brain cell that we disrupt with toxins, alcohol, stress, etc, we are literally killing off the billions of stars within our cerebral cortex! Brahmi modulates the GABA and cholinergic brain pathways by enhancing the receptors' functions. To prove Brahmi's efficiency in restoring mental function, the spiritual adepts in India who study the Rig Veda are known to memorize it verse for verse with a compilation of it's 1028 Sanskrit hymns & 10600 verses! This is an unbelievable feat of memory expansion! Could it be due to their Brahmi consumption?
There are many other herbs of which I have not mentioned in this article. Herbs such as ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, etc, all very beneficial herbs for the brain; due to their public popularity I chose not to mention them here. It is also worth mentioning that the Chinese people use ginkgo nuts (also a powerful aphrodisiac) for enhancing cerebral function, not the leaves.

May Love & Light guide your path,



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