Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get BACK to Optimum Health

As someone with scoliosis who practices yoga, you'd think I would be more conscious of the role our spine plays in our overall health and wellness. In fact, chiropractors specializing in Network Spinal Analysis would say that a healthy spine is the sole catalyst to unlocking a truly vibrant, healthy, and happy life…

I had the privilege of receiving a complimentary Network Spinal Analysis several weeks back at the Brooklyn Wellness Day festival. With all the awesome live music, food, yoga, Reiki, and massaging that was going on, you might find it interesting to know that the chiropractic station was one of the first to catch my eye! There, I was instructed to lay on my stomach. I felt the doctor bending my legs and applying “low force” and precise touches to my spine.

Never having been to a chiropractor before, nor ever having heard of Network Spinal Analysis, I had tons of questions! (There was no cracking or anything else that you’d associate with chiropractors. So I mean...really...What was she doing back there?)

I quickly learned that her gentle and precise touches to my spine were meant to “cue my brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.” Afterwards, the doctor told me that I was carrying a lot of emotions in my spine, as we all do, and therefore we can all benefit from regular “tune ups” so to speak.

Mostly on board, but still quasi confused, I decided to read up on the subject, and found that the doctor was pairing basic chiropractic principals with the use of energy force to release my spinal tension.

When something happens that our brain decides is not safe for us to fully experience at that given moment, the energy and information of the event is translated into vibration and tension, which is then stored in our body. This tension begins to distort the spinal system: our vertebrae lose their normal alignment, and muscles and ligaments strain and pull. Furthermore, our nerves can become compressed or stretched and irritated. The body then closes off the offending energy but over time, muscular tightness and reduced breathing into the area occurs. This can explain why many of us feel tightness or have difficulty breathing when going through a particularly stressful time…

By ignoring the problem, our condition will only worsen and lead to even greater health problems. Therefore, Network Spinal Analysis practitioners believe that even with all the exercise, meditation, and nutrition in the world, we cannot truly feel whole or well until we have released large amounts of spinal tension and realigned the spine. Once we do, it is then, that optimum wellness can be achieved.

Having previously come from the school of thought that chiropractors were reserved solely for those with injuries or chronic pain, I found it interesting to learn of this particular approach and feel that we should all pay more attention to the health of our spine, as well as our breathing. For now, I’m going to stick with yoga, but what are your thoughts on Network Spinal Analysis? Is it something you’d consider trying?

About the author

Stephanie Dalle Molle is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach who graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in New York City. She specializes in counseling individuals struggling with weight loss, low energy, skin, stomach, and endocrine issues. Stephanie also conducts her own nutrition workshops and demonstrations on weight loss and preventative nutrition. She is dedicated to educating people on health and wellness through the use of articles, workshops, lectures, and one on one coaching. To learn more about Stephanie, you can visit her website at: www.healthlegume.com

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