Monday, April 11, 2011

Drain Your Lymph System the Ayurvedic Way

It’s warm and sunny today, a concept that’s been foreign to New Yorkers for quite some time, and we’re all loving it! Naturally my body is starting to crave lighter foods, and I can’t wait to hit up the farmer’s market this weekend! But there’s a reason I’ve started having these cravings, and a while back, I had the privilege of learning all about it from Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine, John Douillard.

Ayurveda, “the science of life” emphasizes the importance of taking care of our lymphatic system. Its function is to remove waste from every cell in the body and to regulate the immune system. When one’s lymph system becomes congested from toxins caused by stress, lack of sleep, and/or a poor diet, it loses its ability to remove waste properly. When this happens, our body will begin to warn us through inflammation and circulatory congestion. These warning signs appear in the form of worsened allergies, acne, fatigue, depression, joint pain, menstrual cramps, and cellulite, just to name a few. If not addressed, these symptoms can worsen and/or lead to even more detrimental illnesses.

So for those of us plagued by these undesirable side effects due to stressful routines, random nights of insomnia, or better yet, those of us who haven't quite figured out ways to combat our junk food cravings or drinking habits, how do we un-do this damage and drain our lymph systems?

According to Ayurvedic Medicine, the key is to create an alkaline environment in the body, and we can do this most easily by eating with the seasons. Dr. Douillard says, the harvest is the human's link to nature, and also the best form of preventive medicine.

So it turns out spring has much more to offer than "Spring Break" "spring cleaning" roof top happy hours, and preparation for bathing suit season.

Sprouts, artichokes, asparagus, pears, berries, papayas, and kale are just some of the delicious treats available to us at this time of year. So during this season of renewal, why not clean both your apartment and your lymphatic system by incorporating these fruits and veggies into your diet?

Take a trip to your local farmers market or become a member of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group and start living harmoniously with the seasons!

Exercising, drinking plenty of water, and reducing stress are also key components to this cleansing process. Additionally, Turmeric is an extremely powerful Ayurvedic herb that aids in draining our lymph systems and can be taken in the form of a supplement.

I know that I personally have been burning the candle at both ends lately, and my lymph system can totally use some help. I just ordered Turmeric off of John Douillard's website, and hope to start the drainage process ASAP!

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Stephanie Dalle Molle is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach who graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in New York City. She specializes in counseling individuals struggling with weight loss, low energy, skin, stomach, and endocrine issues. Stephanie also conducts her own nutrition workshops and demonstrations on weight loss and preventative nutrition. She is dedicated to educating people on health and wellness through the use of articles, workshops, lectures, and one on one coaching. To learn more about Stephanie, you can visit her website at:

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