Sunday, January 23, 2011

Raw Maca Toxic?

Q: What facts should I know about raw vs. cooked Maca?

A: Raw Maca is Cheap Maca. It is cheap to produce. After being harvested, it’s washed, dried quickly in tumbler dryers and then powdered. Royal Maca, which is cooked, involves a process called gelatinization. This heating-extrusion process is more expensive than powdering a dry root. But the benefits are worth it. Slow sun-drying creates hormone-balancing phytochemicals called isothiocyanates.

Raw Maca is Expensive to Consume. Since it takes much bigger serving sizes to get any effect from it, what seems “cheap” is actually more expensive.

Royal Maca is potent and concentrated, with the slightly toxic enzymes removed. It is much more cost effective than Raw Maca. (see chart)

Raw Maca is Dirty Maca. It has a (large amount of) high bacterial, yeast, and mold content because even the seemingly dry powder has a high moisture content – in fact, 20% higher than cooked maca. Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and mold.

Royal Maca is Clean, Potent, Sundried Maca! Naturally cleaned and concentrated by its special cooking process, Royal Maca is 600% more potent than Raw Maca, with average serving size 1/3 – ½ tsp. (2 to 3 caps). Raw Maca’s average serving size is 2 tsp. to one tablespoon.

Raw Maca tastes nasty. Its enzymes are slightly toxic and can cause bloating and severe stomach cramping.

Certified Organic Royal Maca is digestible, bioavailable and delicious. (through USDA-credentialed Bio Latina)

Raw Maca is often Irradiated – because it is naturally dirty. With a much higher moisture content in the raw powder than cooked maca, it is a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast and mold.

Native Peruvians who live in the high Andes and both grow and eat maca as a part of their tradition, NEVER eat Raw Maca. Urban Peruvians who live in Lima and other big cities and shop in supermarkets NEVER eat raw maca. They buy “Maca Pre-Cocida” – Pre-Cooked Maca.

All the raw maca in Peru ends up for export – to the U.S. to Americans who are trying to eat “healthy” by going completely raw in their diet. This concept, while a necessary corrective to our cooked “industrial food” diet, shows a lack of knowledge both of the Peruvian Andean tradition of native people and of the scientific evidence that raw maca is actually slightly toxic.

Raw Maca is NEVER used in scientific studies which show the benefits of taking Maca. The university studies always use cooked maca or maca extract. Neither of these forms of maca have the enzymes of raw maca. The enzymes are considered to interfere with positive effects of maca root.

Raw Maca Can Cause Severe stomach pain and cramping. Royal Maca seldom causes stomach pain, even in sensitive individuals.

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