Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gabriel Cousens: Marijuana Not Medicinal?

Before we get started, let me apologize...

Gabriel, I'm really sorry that I have to do a blog post bashing your recent statement about the herb, but this is really necessary in the long run for knowledge & informational purposes.

As a side note, I love Cousens & the information that he provides about health, raw foods, fasting, detox, dangers of vaccines, etc. But he crossed the line this time. I find his recent statement quite naive, unprofessional, & unscientific for a guy as intelligent as he is. He should have done more research...

Here's the actual article:

First off, let me note that he is basing all of his studies from government officials, the same people who say vaccines are good for you. These are the folks that created the "reefer madness" propaganda back in the 60s and claimed that "Marijuana turns a sane mane into a fiend (demon) in 30 days." Marijuana is actually a type of wild Mexican tobacco, so we'll use the term cannabis instead. When I took lessons from a Master herbalist, he taught me that every herb has a medicinal use, without exception and I've found this to be very true. So Cousens' claim that cannabis has absolutely no medicinal use is not only unreasonable, but proven false by modern science. Lets review his statements:

  • Destroys the brain? Studies prove that THC is a nootropic which means it protects & helps grow new brain cells (very useful for anyone exposed to a lot of radiation). It has been shown to prevent Alzheimer's disease & helps protect the brain from the lack of oxygen during a stroke.
  • Anxiety, depression, suicide, & schizophrenia? If you take a look at hippies who smoke a lot of herb, do they have anxiety, depression, suicide, & schizophrenia? I think not. The hippies that I know are extraordinarily happy people, live a normal life, & are free of any serious problems. I know some people who are bipolar and if it weren't for their cannabis use, they probably wouldn't be able to have any normal part in society. I also know a lot of people who were cured of chronic alcoholism from using cannabis. On top of all this, I know people who are still living treating themselves with nothing more than marijuana when doctors told them that they'd be dead in a matter of months from their terminal cancer. Need I say more?
  • Detrimental to one's spirituality? Ok, this one is easy to refute! Cannabis increases alpha waves in the back of the brain, which is the same phenomenon occurring in deep meditation. L-theanine in green tea also has a similar effect. THC has a powerful effect on the pineal gland, allowing one to see reality as it is, comparative to the sheeple who has no idea whats going and is happy to pay taxes as long as he is left alone in the house to watch TV & guzzle some Bud Light. The first time I ever had cannabis oil, it resulted in a minor Kundalini awakening. I know people who are in-tune and have prepared their physical vessels for the herb have had a very similar effect. (This is not likely to happen to you if you eat McDonald's & drink a lot of fluoride.) This really shocks me that Cousens would say this, as he claims to have studied Indian spiritual philosophy. Has he ever met a Sadhu (Holy Men of India)? They smoke herb out of their chillum pipes all day long in a deep meditation while performing various yoga exercises. They are very well respected & fierce. They can do thousands of Hindu pushups & squats proving that cannabis does not impede athletic ability (think: Michael Phelps). On the athletic note, some of the best athletes in the world use cannabis. Bruce Lee ate salad bowls of cannabis to cool down his yang energy. Joe Rogan, world class jujitsu wrestler & black belt uses the herb. Jujitsu wrestlers in Brazil get high before class, saying it helps them on multiple levels. The list goes on and on. Back to spirituality ~ I will even go to a Christian/Judaic perspective for Cousens to examine: Did Christ use cannabis? Lord Shiva is also very fond of ganja according to Indian legend. ;)
  • Cannabis toxic? This is where he really crosses the line & his ignorance becomes highly visible. Cannabis is the least toxic herb in the plant kingdom! Less toxic than ginkgo biloba (too much can thin the blood and cause problems). No one has ever died from marijuana overdose, that's a FACT!
  • Lungs? Cannabis does not have to be smoked, in fact, smoking wastes a lot of the medicine. But still, smoking cannabis can not be compared to smoking tobacco. There are studies showing long term cannabis smokers do not have any serious lung problems, and in fact, have a lesser incidence of lung cancer than those who do not smoke cannabis (reference below).
  • Adrenal health? While excessive smoking can drain the adrenals of weak individuals in the same way that overeating cacao damages the adrenals, so can exercise and many other things that are beneficial for the body in small amounts, but detrimental in obsessiveness (marathon runners have a higher susceptibility to infections as the stress on their body makes the immune system weaker). The reason why cannabis can de-juice the adrenals, is because it converts jing-chi-shen. That is, it converts hormones to energy to a strong nervous system. There are books written in China about all the uses of cannabis & it is the best shen tonic in the world according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). {Yes, even better than wild reishi! Although, evidence suggests that these 2 herbs were used together by Taoist Masters to produce a complimentary effect necessary for their spiritual cultivation. They would build huts to meditate in while burning cannabis inside inhaling the essence!}

Consider this, why would the FDA want people to grow a plant in their backyard that could treat their glaucoma, PMS, nausea, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc.? Its all about the money. They make the herb illegal so that you are forced to buy pharmaceuticals with tons of side effects that only leave you sicker taking more and more pills.

Lets take a look at what Terrence McKenna, one of the world's greatest thinkers and geniuses of all time has to say about marijuana:

Did I mention that THC is also a very strong antioxidant? Oh and for the lung cancer myth, studies show that people who smoke herb have a LOWER incidence of lung cancer. Here's a study to back that one up: Medicial marijuana is supported by many doctors nowadays, especially those who are knowledgeable on natural health/herbs such as Dr. Andrew Weil and many others. Cannabis causes the brain to spike 4,000% melatonin increase with usage. Melatonin is a well known anti-tumor agent as well as potent anti-oxidant.

One last issue that I'd like to address. A lot of people bring up the topic that cannabis is estrogenic. While this is true, there are lots of estrogenic foods/herbs in the plant kingdom that are still good for your health: flax, red clover, sage, etc. I, personally, need this effect, as my T levels are too high! I cannot take yang herbs anymore due to my cultivation regime and need to take a lot estrogenic/yin herbs to cool down such as cannabis, wild asparagus root, etc.

Conclusion: I guess he forgot the cannabis is a cancer cure and can treat about ~ 260+ other dis-eases (PROOF):

What a load of BS. Sorry Gabriel, me sensimilla is taking over in 13+ states and then the rest! :)


  1. You and Gabriel Cousens are sure on different ends of the spectrum here. I tend to lean more into your view, however find balance is critical.
    This is line that really got me:
    'Regular pot smokers miss more work and are generally less productive than those who do not partake. Considering that we are called to service to God, humanity, and the earth through our jobs, how can we justify consuming something that will negatively impact this service.Regular pot smokers miss more work and are generally less productive than those who do not partake. Considering that we are called to service to God, humanity, and the earth through our jobs, how can we justify consuming something that will negatively impact this service." I'm sure a few comedians would disagree with that statement - but it really got me thinking about how smoking may have impacted my career choices and one reaching their full potential Spiritually or Professionally. Again I think it comes back to balance. Temperance. Medicine or not anything can be abused. Sacred Medicinal Use NOT Substance Abuse.Thanks for your post.

  2. awesome TO RUN INTO THIS:-)
    Funny...I still have my reply (BELOW)to gabriels original facebook post. I saved it...after my first posted response was deleted from his wall. After I wrote it all AGAIN (and added MORE)...I was befriended from his FB page :-P PEACE

    Sure would be nice to see a response from Gabriel concerning this 2 year old repost (ONCE AGAIN TODAY) concerning marijuana. . How misleading to say all that as a personal opinion...yet claim it as science with no documented research. Plus to also SEE all the comments and responses that followed...and not take the time to respond. Essene DO NOT legislate morality onto others...nor would they support war of ANY kind. Especially a "War on Drugs" which indeed is simply a War on Sovereignty and personal choice. It's clearly documented & researchable who, what and where that agenda is being "controlled" from...and rather disappointing that you've refused to dig deeper into this issue. Using your own "blind study" from 1973 with no regard to current research is pitiful at best. Amazing how an extremely useful plant...powered by the Angel of the Sun, Water, Air and Earth is demonized by yourself. a simple flower is labeled a drug and ironic that you only seem to come from the smoking perspective. I've nothing but GRATITUDE extreme for your lifeswork brother...yet this is a topic which many students of EXPERIENCE...have obviously stunned the teacher into SILENCE.'s either that....or perhaps just a repeated attempt to draw traffic to your site. ॐ NAMASTE ॐ

  3. Hi,

    I noticed your comment above 'overeating cacao damages the adrenals'.

    Several years ago I got on the bandwagon with the raw cacao trip.
    After a few years of a tablespoon or two of the ground beans in my health smoothy I developed lower back pain in the kidney area.

    Since nobody had mentioned the problems associated with eating r. c. I thought it was from a spinal thing from over lifting. It got pretty bad until I read from someone that it had messed up his kidneys and adrenals.
    I stopped immediately and the pain went away but for several days the mental and physical withdrawal was a nightmare.
    Anyway in the end I had to quit any alcohol, coffee cause it brought back the pain, but still use small amounts of cannabis as I have for the last 45 years. I eat a very good mostly live food diet.

    But the damage was done..

    I found this far out site when I googled 'cannabis and the adrenals'.
    My friend Gabriel had told me the same thing as above about cannabis being bad for the kidnys and adrenals when I told him about the pain, he said raw cacao was very bad for the kidneys/adrenals or anything else.
    He got that part right!

    So what do you do now to fix the damage to the kidney/adrenal naturally?