Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Detox Radiation from the Body

On GI2MR Laura asks: "Hey, do you know if this detox radiation due to x-rays? Thank you, Laura"

The question was pertaining to clay..

@Laura, yes clay is great, especially for pulling out toxins/radiation/etc. It's one of the most natural things, coming straight from the Earth! Zeolites act in a similar way by pulling out toxins/heavy metals/radiation with their cage-like structure which is really cool because this prevents the typical "healing crisis" that most people experience when they detox. Also, if you are focused mainly on detoxifying radiation from the body, seaweed is your best bet. Start doing lots of kelp, miso, kombucha, etc as these foods all help the body deal with radiation and eliminate radioactive isotopes from the body! There are some pretty powerful herbs that can protect us from radiation if you ever have to be exposed to an x-ray again, but that's a whole rant in itself. Hope this helps! :)

BTW: I NEVER recommend anyone subject themselves to an x-ray or any other type of radiation for that matter (cell phones included!) If possible, try to see a naturopath or acupuncturist for prognosis (doctors are sometimes good at diagnosis, but basically suck as far as treatments are concerned; they only treat the symptoms!) Just so we're clear, there are natural alternatives that get to the ROOT of dis-ease instead of the allopathic approach of merely masking symptoms with funky drugs and Jah know how many side-effects.

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