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Think about Your Diet‏

(NaturalNews) The good 'ol U - S - A. The best, the richest, the most powerful, and yet, the most diseased nation in the world. Scary isn't it? The most influential nation in the world leads the world in arthritis, cancer, constipation, diabetes, gout, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, impotency and obesity, just to name a few. Did you ever wonder why? Did you ever wonder why our doctors continually treat symptoms and never cure but only "control"?

Think about this: most research done in medical schools and virtually all the curriculum is funded (a euphemism for controlled) by the pharmaceutical industry. And since the sole purpose of the drug companies is to make money, they turn good, idealistic people, with the best of intentions, into prostitutes for them. Drugs for this and drugs for that along with surgeries for this and surgeries for that make the pharmaceutical/medical/HMO alliance the biggest money makers in the world.

So, a person graduates from medical school where they learn what the drug companies want them to learn and then they go into "practice." They are constantly wooed by the drug companies so they don't lose the "take a pill" mentality. Meanwhile, the people get sicker and sicker and fatter and fatter and never get well. They go to their doctor for routine checkups to make sure that their illness is "under control" and spend thousands of dollars in their lifetime treating a symptom while never getting to the cause.

If you were a doctor and you knew that you were always treating symptoms, wouldn't there even be the slightest curiosity on your part to learn about what might cure your patient? No! And why is that? Because "patient" is a sophisticated word for "customer," and we all know that the key to a successful business is repeat customers. What a "Catch-22." Can't cure 'em cause we'll lose 'em.

As you read this and reflect upon your own health situation, are you not curious to learn about what will make you well and free from the burden or prescription drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, and all of their side effects? If so, why haven't you attempted to find out for yourself?

Please allow me to give you some information that could change your life, improve your health, and save you money.

The underlying cause of 95% of all illness comes from the SAD or the Standard American Diet. It is a diet filled with fat, rancid oils, and enormous quantities of sugar. It is a diet that will and does put you in an early grave. The fat in the diet is saturated fat. It is fat that hardens at room temperature and in your arteries. Saturated fat is found in anything that walks, runs, flies, crawls or swims - including dairy products and eggs.

Switching from a flesh and blood diet to an organic plant-based diet will, in addition to getting pesticides out of your diet, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, remove plaque and clear your arteries, get rid of constipation, make your immune system strong enough to ward off cancers, and add new meaning to your sex life. All within 30 days, guaranteed. Fiber-free foods such as white flour products and white rice do nothing but add empty calories to your body and keep all the junk inside of it because it binds and clogs rather than act like "Roto-Rooter" and clean you out. The real "Roto-Rooter" comes in the form of whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, bulgar, whole wheat flour breads, etc.

Understand something. The nature of a dead body is to rot! Whether inside or outside of your body, it still rots. If it's in your body, that rotting, putrefied, decomposing matter stays there and fills your body with poison. Flesh foods (meat, chicken, fish, pork, turkey, etc.), because of their diseases are pumped full of antibiotics. In fact, 80% of the antibiotics produced are fed to "food animals" to attempt to control their diseases, which are passed on to you.

Chicken is the worst of the worst. Did you ever wonder why you are advised to cook chicken with a flame-thrower and to boil all surfaces that dead chickens have come in contact with? It is because chickens, due to the way they are raised, are covered with chicken manure. Yet, the U.S. Department of Agriculture officials approve those sales like this as long as the manure cannot be seen through the clear packaging. The government constantly protects the interests of the businesses that make the large campaign contributions, not the people.

Another interesting fact about the "food animals" is that their diets are anything but good. Yes, they are fed grains, but those grains, in order to save on grain costs, include the ground-up remains of the dead, dying, diseased, and decaying animals that cannot be processed for "food" - road kill, blood, and the feathers from the birds. Yummmmmmy!

What about fish? The government, which had originally advised that fish should not be eaten more than twice a month, especially for pregnant women, because of the high mercury and toxic chemical contamination, which has been linked to Alzheimer's disease and scores of other neurological disorders, has now reversed that position because of financial losses to the fish industry. Trust me, that reversal decision did not come about because the fish stared eating superfoods to eliminate the toxic metals. Bear in mind, that this is the same mercury that is in your fillings and which the dentists have been in denial about for years. Fluoride, anyone?

Then where do I get my protein? From the same place that the animals and fish do - the plants, the grains, and the sea vegetables. If you go to the same source as the creatures, you will get protein without saturated fat and all the diseases that come from eating higher up on the food chain.

Did you know that a 7-11 "Big Gulp" contains 46 teaspoons of sugar and that a 20-oz bottle of soda contains 18 teaspoons of sugar? "Look ma, no teeth." These quantities of sugar would be higher if the sugar would remain suspended in the liquid and not settle to the bottom of the container. But alas, these, fortunately for the sugar industry, are the cut-off points.

Why doesn't anyone ever tell you about these facts? Because money comes before anything else and enough is never enough.

Your lives and well being are in your hands. At least now you are in a better position to be able to make a better choice. We all have free will. If you are content with treating symptoms, go see your doctor. If, however, you want to cure your illnesses, change your diet.

The choice is yours.

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