Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mucuna Elixir

Here is an elixir recipe that I've been playing around with lately...


  • Nutmylk - Use any nut/seed that is your favorite, raw almonds (soaked & dehyrdrated) make a nice nutmylk that tastes good with this recipe; I almost always use herbal/mushroom teas made with locally harvested spring water as a nutmylk base! Today it was chaga/eucommia decoction. This combo has a hint of vanilla/maple syrup from the chaga & slightly bitter/strong overtones from the eucommia bark!
  • Mucuna pruriens - This is a strong Ayurvedic herb that has gained some recent popularity in the health community. It has a lot of the same hormone-boosting, aphrodisiac & adaptogenic effects like maca does, but also comes with an entheogenic kick. If you are new to this herb, start with 1/4-1/2 a teaspoon. For advanced alchemists, they can move up the mucuna ladder and slowly begin to add more (caution is advised, as mucuna can be psychedelic!). It upgrades the whole system, a premier anti-aging potency herb! Mucuna is also said to be a memory tonic, which makes sense, as it contains DMT which is known to boost brain capacity by 40%!!! It also contains some other interesting plant chemicals such as 5-HTP, L-dopamine, nicotine, etc.. If you combine it with a strong enough MAO inhibitor, then it will really have some noticeable psychoactive effects! I've been using tablespoons of mucuna in my elixirs and it has become one of my favorite herbs! :)
  • Ashwagandha - Another amazing Indian Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb with similar properties to both maca & mucuna. It is fed to race horses to increase their performance, which is why it is said that ashwagandha makes one run like a horse! I can personally attest to this, every time I have a good amount of ashwagandha, I get the urge to go running and literally feel like a horse! :)
  • ORMUS Supergreens - The best tasting greens ever!! ORMUS Supergreens are grown at high altitude in Arizona & Utah in special soils containing Rare Noble Elements. These greens are so charged up from ORMUS Mono-atomic Elements (gold, platinum, silver, etc.) that they got me high the first time that I tried them, with fresh spring water. They also have weak magnetic activity and will stick to a magnet! Oh and did I mention that they are a source of probiotics?
  • Other superfoods - Cacao, goji, maca all make great additions! Cacao has some weak MAO activity, but will definitely amplify the mucuna! Both cacao and maca are great to add if you are going for the aphrodisiac effect. Goji berries are sweet & increase growth hormone production like mucuna!
  • Cayenne pepper - Dilates the capillaries to allow the medicine in the food to circulate quicker!
  • Dash of black pepper - Most people don't know that peppercorns contain an alkaloid called pioperine that increases the absorption of nutrients/compounds by 4,000%!
  • Vanilla extract
  • Raw honey - To sweeten the taste & also increases bio-availability of other herbs!
This is an excellent option for athletes who want to increase their performance, those who seek to adopt an anti-aging regime, or just to get superfood adaptogenic herbal nourishment & build a strong defense shield/aura to become immune to stress!




  1. Wow wonderful recipe, did you mention kombucha in combination with this konkoktion? Great info on the ingredients too, thanks!

  2. yes, kombucha goes well with all the elixirs! :)

  3. This sounds delicious, I've been making similar drinks lately :)

    The psychedelic effect is subtle with mucuna, but yeah it's definitely there. I'm interested in making a drink with mucuna and some MAOIs like you said. Syrian Rue looks like a potent one to try XD

    I've noticed if I do mucuna in the evening I have shifting geometric patterns dancing behind my eyelids as I fall asleep!