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The Truth About Tobacco

Benefits of Mapacho

Note: This is a shamanic herb that demands some respect. Unfortunately, what our ancestors once held holy & sacred has now become a curse. Chemical tobacco, accounts to many deaths; statistics from Wikipedia say, "In the USA, about 438000 people die from smoking-related illnesses per year." This can all be avoided. People from South America laugh at us because of our relationship with the coca leaf in which the cocaine alkaloid is extracted and used as a drug:

"South American President Chews Coca At United Nations Meeting

Evo Morales isn’t afraid to practice what he preaches. The Bolivian president, an outspoken proponent of coca, the leaf used to make cocaine, brought a baggie with him to a United Nations meeting in Vienna, Austria, Wednesday and chewed away in front of the assembled ministers."

Source: Rasta Livewire -

The same holds true with tobacco. If our Native American ancestors who once inhabited this land could see the lies & corruption held over this blessed herb, they would be very distraught. Tobacco was called "The Holy Herb" by Europeans for its ability to cure everything. The Shamans in South America also know that wild jungle tobacco is actually an anti-cancer herb. In light of this information, I wish to spread the truth about this herb and shove the corporate lies down the chemical tobacco manufactures throats ~ enjoy! :)

Here are some of the benefits I have noticed from personal experience, researched, & heard from others using this sacred herb:
  • Shaman’s tobacco – a healthy organic alternative to commercial cigarettes, which contain over 4,000 chemicals along with their pesticide-laden tobacco; be warned, this stuff is spicy & potent as it has 20x the nicotine of cigarettes!
  • Super cheap & affordable.
  • #1 anti-parasite herb.
  • Anti-viral – strengthens the immune system or yang chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine and helps to prevent colds/viral related ailments such as swine flu.
  • Anti-bacterial – knocks out stubborn infections; I’ve personally witnessed some miraculous results with this sacred tobacco & it’s ability to totally destroy harboring bacteria that cause infections.
  • Flushes toxins out.
  • Stimulates mental acuity.
  • Natural laxative effect (raw cacao has a similar effect as well.)
  • Aids in longevity when used with raw chocolate by stabilizing the nervous system with its natural MAO inhibitors; can be smoked or used in other ways with other mineral & alkaloid rich superfoods/herbs such as cacao to assist with heart chakra activation & increases the potency of other herbs while flushing them into action 4x as fast!
  • Has blueish/purple smoke!
  • Strengthens our aura or "stress defense shield" from negativity or negative people. ;)
  • Buffers negative energy from the area & can be burnt with white ceremonial sage.
  • Keeps us emotionally grounded in the terrestrial sense & feeds our reptilian DNA yang energy.
  • Cleanses not only the physical body, but the astral & metaphysical realms of negativity, psychic vampires, astral demons, parasites/hosts, black magic attacks, and so on.
  • Is one of the best natural herbal insecticides & can be made into a tea & sprayed on plants.

For the best, highest quality organic Mapacho grown in Argentina, go to:

Also, check out David Wolfe's excellent article on tobacco, here:

-Myrddin Wilt

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