Monday, October 12, 2009

Shamanism and the Light Body

Ken Harsh has been a full time Metaphysician, Author and Lecturer for over twenty years. He has traveled extensively during this time working with power spots and Gaial Planet Earth. He owns Karma Crystal and Sacred Earth Journeys that allows him to escort hundreds of curiosity seekers to exotic places such as Peru, Easter Island, Egypt, Hawaii, Ireland, England, Wales, New Zealand and Australia as well as many unique places here in the United States. Ken is a widely read and motivated speaker. His knowledge of rocks, cultures and consciousness is extensive. His presentations are wildly entertaining, incorporating many stories and props from far away places. This presentation on Shamanism and the Light Body explores ancient cultures around the world, that includes shapeshifting, totem poles, power animals, and the natural world. He demonstrates this information with powerful visual aids and shows how we can apply and modify these practices to our own time.

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