Friday, September 11, 2009

Can diabetes be cured with raw foods and fresh veggie juice?‏

(NaturalNews) Mike: Hi everybody. I'm here with Kirt Tyson today. How are you doing today, Kirt?

Kirt: I'm doing wonderful, and I'm glad to be here.

Mike: Now, just the fact that you are here is quite amazing in itself. You had quite a journey to get here and get on the raw foods lifestyle. Can you tell us a little bit about your history? What brought you to this point?

Kirt: Actually, it really was a tremendous journey. I was diagnosed with what was originally thought to be type II diabetes back in November of 2005. I was hospitalized with glucose levels of 1,200. I had lost 20 lbs. in about a week. I started losing my vision and I was at stage II kidney damage. I was hospitalized for about four days.

When I was lying in the hospital bed, I recalled the nurses and the doctors coming over to me and saying you have diabetes. You are going to have this for the rest of your life, and you will take insulin or some other medication for diabetes for the rest of your life. It hit me hard because I felt like there was nothing I could do about it.

Mike: Yes, were you overweight at that time too may I ask?

Kirt: No, actually I weighed about 174 lbs. at that time. I'm six feet tall so normal body weight, and I exercised. I ran about four miles a day typically. I ate relatively healthy. No red meat and no pork, but I did eat fish and chicken.

Mike: This then came as quite a shock it seems.

Kirt: Extremely shocking because it came out of nowhere. People always came to me as far as health and so forth. Then for me to come down with diabetes it was at that point, where wow I'm not as healthy as I thought I was.

Mike: What happened next then?

Kirt: Well after that, while I was in the hospital I prayed. I really prayed and I prayed that if God helped me get over this I'd continue to help other people and show that diabetes is curable, so to speak. I had just finished working on a movie so I was online on Craig's List, and I came across an advertisement. It was for a film for people to participate in a documentary who have type II diabetes and see the effects of raw food on reversing diabetes.

I was like "Oh God this is a sign!" I couldn't believe it. I said okay or fine. They just told me I had type II diabetes. I'm going to apply for this. I sent in their audition tape. It was originally going to be five members for the movie. They decided to include me as a sixth member. Again, it was a blessing. Within about two weeks, they had a film crew out and then in another week I was on my way to Patagonia, Arizona to participate.

Mike: Did you then jump into the raw foods lifestyle there at the Tree of Life? How did that work?

Going raw for 30 days
Kirt: I had no idea of the raw food concept at all and when I looked at it, it was like raw foods. I started doing research on the Internet and I kept thinking raw meat, why would we eat raw meat? I don't want to eat raw meat! That's all I kept thinking of. I saw some stuff. I said okay, you could have raw fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, and seeds. I was skeptical about the raw meat.

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Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

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