Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WildAlchemist Reveals Amazing Elixir Recipe to Get You JACKED!

Ok so check this out. It's been a while since I've done intense training and such (like a month) from the business and garden projects going on right now.. So now that I've been off for a month of working out, I feel an intense energy building up to explode in the gym! I've come up with an amazing elixir recipe tonight after working out along with some pretty helpful tips that will help you to build muscle. Here it tis...

  • Start off by preparing a tea of equal parts sarsaparilla root (supports healthy testosterone levels; some bodybuilders use it instead of steroids), passion flower (increases FREE testosterone), & locally harvested pine pollen (highest plant source of testosterone) preferably with spring water (avoid bottled plasticized water at ALL costs - it's extremely estrogenic & we're trying to build muscle here) the night before and set in the refrigerator overnight (you don't have to do this, but I like to since the heat & cold extract different compounds in plants.) This will be the base. You add this into the blender before anything.
  • Almond nut mylk - High in minerals such as zinc which are very important for your testosterone levels; they are also shaped like a gonad which should tell you something!
  • 1 tbs. of ashwaganda powder - Very balancing/calming herb for building up the endocrine system and putting on weight; in India they say it will give you the strength of a horse!
  • Mucuna pruriens - If you have not heard of this herb, check out my post on it.
  • Deer antler velvet - Decoction or tincture; contains insulin-like growth factor 1 & a bunch of other growth factors.
  • Tribulus terrestris - a well kept secret by Bulgarian power lifters. It works by indirectly increasing testosterone levels by increasing LH (luteinizing hormones). This is an herb that should be used with caution & avoided by people with kidney, cardiac, & mental issues, as it may aggravate certain doshas (pitta especially). Use this herb solely before workouts (definitely not before work or your day job unless you're a construction worker or the like), or else you may have people on your case informing you that you're a straight up a$$ hole!
  • Cordyceps - Powerful strength enhancer; it was once illegal in Asia. One of the best sources of yin/yang jing for vegetarians. They say, if you take it everyday that you will eventually be able to jump 10 feet high!
  • Raw mesquite powder - High in l-lysine which is necessary for protein synthesis, metabolism, & nitrogen retention.
  • 1 tsp. of Matcha green tea powder - Inhibits estrogen receptors.
  • Spices: cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, black peppercorn vanilla, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg - All of these herbs will help you absorb the plant compounds & nutrients better, facilitate digestion/assimilation, and basically up the potency!
  • Raw organic honey or better yet royal jelly
It tastes delicious. Go easy one the spices.. Less is more!

Here are some other tips:
  • Vitamin D - It's actually a hormone, not a vitamin. Tanning nude in the sun will help you put on weight. It even increases fast twitch muscle fibers!
  • Calories - You have to eat enough calories to build muscle. Plain and simple. Eating raw foods is a big plus since 50% of protein is destroyed by heat (cooking) as found by Max Planck Institute.
  • Protein - All protein consists of amino acids which are found abundantly in the plant kingdom; some excellent foods that will help you put on muscle include: goji berries, maca, blue green algae, bee pollen, camu camu, nuts/seeds, seaweed, and TONS of green leafy vegetables!!!
  • Coconut oil - Helps build hormones by providing progesterone, the precursor to testosterone and estrogen (exercise will help it to convert into testosterone if you are a guy.)
  • Sleep - When doing intense exercise, you need plenty of sleep. Don't listen to the medical bigots, listen to your body. If possible, wake up without an alarm clock. You actually build muscle while sleeping, not while awake. Another great piece of advice is the "Tiger Hour" between 3-5 am which is when you release the most testosterone and interestingly enough, DMT which is another story! ;)
  • Intensity - Squat. Your legs are the biggest muscles in your body. Squatting will stimulate your body to release huge amounts of testosterone. Be it weights or bodyweight just do it and you will see results. I prefer 1 legged squats personally...
  • Preserve your JING - Believe it or not, every time a man ejaculates, vast amounts of testosterone/hormones, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, & JING are lost. JING is the primal energy that we are all born with. It determines our life span & our quality of life. Practicing chastity for 100 days or longer while meditating and circulating the energy will build up your JING until it's full. This is a foundational exercise in Taoism called the microcosmic orbit. Try it and you may find that you are building muscle while sitting on the couch!
  • Shivambu - This is another one that makes people squint their eyes. Basically, besides the numerous health benefits of urine therapy, it contains DHEA the precursor to all androgenic hormones that build muscle. If you're skeptical, do some research on it and you'll be amazed at what you find out.
  • Boycott soy products - It's one of the most estrogenic plants out there from it's high concentration of phytoestrogens. Don't fall for the marketing health scams. Soy is not a health food and can actually cause many problems if consumed in excess or for long periods of time. Fermented soy products such as miso (this is an awesome food, I buy the kind without soy that uses other beans instead), tempeh, & natto are OK in moderation. They may actually have some potential health benefits since they're fermented which destroys enzyme inhibitors & phytates which can block mineral & nutrient absorption and cause further health problems.
  • Attitude - Every morning, when you wake up and before you work out, visualize how you'd like to look. Don't underestimate the power of the mind. Write down your goals in the gym and always keep track of your progress.

I put on over 30 lbs. of muscle while getting shredded with a similar strategy about a year ago eating only RAW plant foods! It's super easy if you have the knowledge! Have fun getting super jacked! :)


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Wishing YOU a luminous life,


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