Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 Life Transforming Videos from David Wolfe‏

What IF you could go about your life in perfect health, pursue all of your goals in life with financial prosperity, & the discipline to do so!

Well, I am glad to say that we have the technology & information to do so now! We are at a point in history where everything we could ever conceive of in the imagination is at our threshold. Look at the Internet: a technology that the Hopi Native Americans prophesied would connect the world like a spider web! It is literally like an infinite encyclopedia of knowledge & information that continues to grow exponentially by the day! Charles Dickens summed it up quite eloquently when he said, “It was the best of times and the worst of times.” The cool part is that we can choose which side we want to live on – the fear based, debt enslaved, life of 24/ brainwash by the TV & media sitting on the couch drunk unable to think for ourselves and create our own reality or the life where we can live & manifest our wildest dreams eating the best food ever of the ancient civilizations that actually nourish us at a cellular level ~ which side will you choose to live on?

When we live a life of abundance, we are able to leave our imprint in humanity and get in touch with our Dharma to make this world a better place! Lets face it: paying bills sucks and prevents us from living our life to the fullest. What if we could eat foods that actually attract money? Talk about the Law of Attraction! Well like I said, we have the information to do so now and David Wolfe covers this exact topic in his video:

Ok now that we can eat foods that promote abundance not only in health but financially as well, it is worth considering our immunity. If we want to go about our life pursing our goals & dreams, we need to have the best health ever! If we our constantly sick & lacking energy to perform daily tasks, we will never be able to manifest or at least have the creative power to do anything extraordinary with our lives. David Wolfe is living proof of this concept, as he has not been sick in over 15 years!!! This is a MUST SEE for all of those seeking invincible health; watch David Wolfe's Immunity Secrets here:

Lastly, if we do not have enough discipline to take control of our health and simply eat better, then none of this information will be of any use if we cannot apply it! This may be the most important video out of them all, since if we have enough discipline & will power, we can do ANYTHING! Get a hold of David Wolfe's Discipline Secrets Exposed:

I really hope everyone takes advantage of these life-transforming videos, as they are all FR@E and available for all who seek!

Video 1 – Immunity:

Video 2 – Wealth:

Video 3 – Discipline:

Enjoy! :)


  1. Awsome videos. I think that health and wealth are equally as important. I will help spread the word.