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Another Update!
- Part 2 is up with more info and answers to questions.
I did my best to get it up as soon as possible!

The Radio show -

I am now working with Nufffrespect and Noregaaa to name a few to try and unite youtube to make TRUE change. I ask ALL PEOPLE to sub to these accounts and work hand and hand with these people. Shortly I will have a video up with the top 30 accounts I feel everyone should sub to. Top 15 so far -
All these channels to me, are what youtube is all about! These channels woke me up in some way or another, the people behind these channels are all Heroes for all the work they have done. They have spent countless hours spreading info and giving hope to the people here on youtube and off youtube. I would ask everyone to sub to them and thank them for all their hard work. Heroes are hard to come by nowadays, but here are a few I have found. if any of you are reading this, thank you! IF we ALL come together and work as a team, we can WIN THIS! Today, seeing how fast this video spread, that the shady people behind the New World Order have nowhere to run... well it gives me personally hope... Everyone who is in this fight, who is true to this deserves a pat on the back. I never been this proud to be a American or Just a man on a small pale dot in a endless sea of stars then now. We have the power to change things....

"Mary", caller to the Power Hour on March 30, 2009, gives many details that the Dept of Homeland Security is transporting and distributing bird flu in mass quantities.
Further information:
Call Genesis Communications, The Power Hour, 1 877 817 9828
with any further information or tips you may have.
Did you hear Alex Jones "debunking" this video? Can you find ANY of these false "straw men" that HE PLANTED?
• hysterical people running up to railroad cars
• witness protection program
• govt using "random" truck drivers
• govt telling truckers what they're carrying
• "schizophrenic" truck drivers
• hyperventilating woman caller
Why didn't he use this to spark responsible discussion of the salient points?
Alex - sorry you are so hurt that Mary didn't call your show first. Maybe she had the same problems I did trying get vital information out through your organization.
People ARE discussing the Baxter distribution of flu, and connecting the dots to your information. I thought we were working TOGETHER. By all means - verify or disprove. But don't plant straw men to stifle discussion, simply because you don't control it.
You admitted that the government uses independent contractor FedEx to transmit bird flu - but you call Mary's info "baloney" because, according to you, the government
wouldn't use independent contractors??? The government hires independent contractors for most of their black ops precisely so their regular employees are none the wiser!

Why is it only OK for YOU to go by "gut" and "instinct" but everyone else is just a psy op?

I love ya Alex, but I have to wonder if you are controlled opposition.

It is 3:41 in the morning, again I find myself without sleep. Can you think why? This video will explain now the sad HORRIBLE! connection I have just found, for any shills and skeptic, you may doubt now, but this video will change that! THIS IS VERY REAL! I WILL HAVE MORE VIDEOS ABOUT IT AS SOON AS I CAN! I wouldnt be surprised if my account is taken down after this series. REUPLOAD THIS VIDEO AND ALL OTHERS BUT MAINLY THIS VIDEO AND THE FEW FOLLOWING AFTER IT! THESE TRAINS ARE OUTSIDE MY TOWN, AND MANY MANY OTHERS AND I NOW KNOW WHY!!!!!!

Visit: for more information and please spread this video to everyone you know!!!

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