Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 24 2009 - Flu update - 3 - ALREADY UPDATED - 6:01am NY TIME - CLICK THE LINKS!

These are important links, please take the time to look at them.

How to fight the Flu - VERY IMPORTANT!

Dont take the shot!

These accounts are working closely with me to gather information 24/7 Please thank them as well. I could not do this alone





RealWorldTruth - 12 part series on this topic, with a ton of info please watch.



Alex you still laughing?, thought this was a joke,

This is no longer a JOKE!

An outbreak of more than 800 "influenza-like" cases in Mexico was caused by a new strain of swine flu "that can attack anyone," Mexico's Health Minister Angel Cordova said Friday. So the events are all connected - Bird flu passed to pigs, passed to humans???
Severe illness alert here from Canada about the Mexico illnesses
Possible FEMA connection - coffins are for this?

More links and info - live radio show about flu topic

supporting information
-more info,
-more info you need to know,

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