Friday, March 13, 2009

Ron Paul jokes about our absurd hemp laws

Ron Paul is the MAN!

From the final speech of the presidential campaign - Houston, Texas, June 12th, 2008...

"Not only is freedom popular, freedom works. The bureaucracy doesn't work. The politicians can't do it. You know they talk about energy problems, and sure, we have a problem, because the government is too much involved and they impede too much of what we try to do. You take, for instance, what do they do, they tax us so that they can subsidize ethanol from corn. And then what do they do, Well it turns out that ethanol from sugar cane is much better, but it doesn't get the same benefit. But lo and behold, they have found out that the best source of ethanol is from HEMP.
But, you know, we're from the government and we're here to help you. But we don't want you to be messing around with hemp, you might smoke that stuff. I found out that if you want to smoke and get marijuana out of hemp, you have to have a marijuana cigarette as big as a telephone pole. Then you might get something. But, it's back to the saying about why do they regulate our personal habits anyway? Why aren't we allowed to decide what's good for us?!"
~Ron Paul

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